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The Locker Room by Amy Lane
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May 22, 2011

really liked it
Read from July 30 to 31, 2012

So, I knew this was a drama, and an Amy Lane drama before I started it, so I had an idea what to expect: pain, suffering, longing, depth of emotion wrenched painfully from your chest...

Not disappointed on that score.

I can see why this will be a love it or hate it book for some M/M readers. It has "girl cooties". There's a damned good reason for it; it makes perfect, logical sense that these closeted might-as-well-be-married professional athletes do what they do. I knew it was coming from the moment that Christian explained "something" (it was vague to the reader) to Xander, and Xan immediately went to throw up. But that's too much realism for some M/M readers who are looking for escape and romance, not drama and angst. Amy doesn't shy away from such things, so I've come to expect the hard truth from her dramas.

If you can't get past that, don't read it. It isn't pretty. But it is real. It's heart-breaking.

And AFTER that, I'm still not hardly halfway through the story. My thought is "Dear God, what MORE is she going to do to them??"

It's Amy Lane. I knew there was more. And it was bad, and painful, and suffering, and depth of emotion wrenched painfully from my chest. (Nope, didn't cry, but I wasn't happy.) You know, I actually sort of found myself thinking "Haven't they had enough? Did she have to do THAT to them, as well?" And, no, she didn't. But she did it. And it was what it was.

I was disappointed with the abruptness of the ending. The future is left up in the air. Including the very IMMEDIATE future. That really annoyed me. The reader wants to see that journey finished as much as Chris or Xan do, but we don't get to know.

So, this falls between 4 and 4.5 for me. =)

Edited to add: Amy answered the question of what happened with Xander and that final phonecall in a very brief mention during Behind the Curtain. Just in case anyone is wondering.
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