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Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
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May 22, 2011

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bookshelves: fantasy-other-world, vampire

** spoiler alert ** Sookie & Sandra Pelt... Sookie & Emelia... Sookie and Claude & Dermont... Sookie and Eric... Sookie and her grandmother... Sookie and Cataliades... Sookie and Bill Sookie and Eric & Victor... Sookie and Hunter...

Sookie's story moves forward... she finds a letter from her grandmother and a cluviel dor - her grandfather, explained about her half fae grandfather Fintan - how she was happily married, except she couldn't get pregnant - and Fintan came when her husband was away, and she had sex with him & each time he returned - giving her two children... and later Fintan 'took' her husband's shape and continued the relationship - when looking at pictures with Dermont (Fintan's twin brother), about a fourth of the pictures of her grandfather were in fact of Fintan... and Fintan left a gift of the cluviel dor, a fae object that grants one personal wish... and Fintan (via Cataliades looked over his children and grandchildren to see if any had 'the spark', an openness to the otherworld - and only found it in sookie - so Sookie was gifted by Catliades with the ability to read minds - as well as her cousins son Hunter ...she spends a little time with Hunter, exploring his school for the fall (entering Kindergarten)... teaching him to think before he speaks and to not let anyone know he can read their minds ... Sookie considers how to use the cluviel dor - but doesn't use it in this book... she wonders if Claude and Dermont are staying with her because they sense the cluviel dor... and is warned that if the fae knew of it, they'd kill her for it... and with Claude and Dermont living with her, she feels more fae - and younger... (how to keep her young without making her a vampire?

And Sandra Pelt is out and causing her trouble - first she hires someone to throw a malitov cocktail through the window in the bar, attempting a fire to kill her... then she send in 4 thugs high on drugs & vampire blood to kidnap her from the bar (her home is warded and no one can get to her there), but Catiliades sent two pi's to warn & protect her... then Sandra comes again herself to kill her - but Terry stops her... then Sandra excapes from custody, and gets Sam & Jannalynn (Alcide's enforcer & Sam's girlfriend) to take her to Sookie - who hears the warning in Sam's voice when he calls - she shoots Sandra, Jannalyn finishes her off, and the send her through the faery portal (i'm not sure why), but they do hear someone chomping on the remains...

Sookie is tied to Eric (and vice versa) through the marriage bond - designed to keep her safe... when she is troubled, Eric feels it and rushes to her... and she can feel his tension and ... Emelia comes to reinforce her wards around her house... breaks the bond with Eric (which angers Eric) and then sets it up for Alcide to be waiting for her in her bed to encourage someone besides Eric... But Sookie loves Eric and vice versa... for the 2 weeks this book covers, she and Eric only make love once though - circumstance & emotions... Eric is hiding something from her - and gets angry when Pam hints at or tries to get him to tell her the truth... and Eric is conflicted... his maker had made a contract with the Queen of Oklahoma (beautiful, intelligent, and monied) to marry Eric, which means the dissolution of his marriage to Sookie... Eric is torn between what his maker wants and what would be an advantage to him and to sookie...

And when 2 men come to kill Sookie (because of Sandra or Victor?)... she escapes through the woods to Bill... she disrobes so as not to drip water inhis house as she tries to hide... she finds Bill's hiding place, and sneaks in with him... as it's half hour til dark, he wakes up for a minute - is happy to see her, barely grasps the danger... and falls back to sleep... when it's dark, he takes her home - the elf Bellenos comes to doctor Dermont... they leave... and return with the heads of the two men who tried to kill her...

and Victor is pushing Eric - setting up competitive businesses to Eric's, denying him any requests (including allowing Pam to make a child of her dying lover), trying to kill Pam &Sookie (earlier short story)... so Eric, Sookie, Pam, and 2 humans who are anti Victor plan his demise... they get Bubba (the slow vampire Elvis Presley) to perform at Fangtasia, invite Victor and his guards - and they attack... killing him and guards ... (what the consequences will be with Felipe, king of Louisiana & Nevada - apparently in the next book)... Sookie knows about the arrangement with Oklahoma and is sad about Eric's torn loyalties, and cannot share in Eric's excitement at the victory - and he is rough with her when he takes her blood=, angry that she doesn't share his excitement... it appears things are over with them... and Bill is trying to hide his happiness at this...

and ... what will be the next story...

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