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Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb
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May 22, 2011

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** Let me start off by saying that FitzChivalry Farseer's story is one of the most emotional and amazing stories I have ever read in the fantasy genre. I'll separate this review into two sections (Good and Bad) and put it in list format, because I feel that is the best way for me to convey all my feelings about this book, and the series.


The Fool. Never have I seen a character so thoroughly developed, and his enigmatic and sly nature is just amazing. I can honestly say that he is probably my most favorite character, out of any book and any genre.

The relationship between the Fool and Fitz. The friendship between the two is just beautiful to behold, and shows truly the meaning of friendship.

The emotional impact of the book. I am generally emotionally indifferent to literature, but Hobb weaved such an amazing story that at times I honestly felt like crying, and I had to take breaks, in the fear that I would break down while reading, while other times I was so drawn in to Fitz's story that I could jump for glee.

The antagonists. The supposed White Prophet and her supposed Catalyst Kebal Rawbread are perfect opposites to Fitz and the Fool. Their cruel and malicious natures are sharply contrasted between the two heroes, and the reader truly hates them after a while.

The stark realism. The way the conflict was resolved between the Pibalds and the Old Blooded was very realistic, as were many of the emotions of the book. Sometimes the realism went out of hand, but overall it was a great experience.


Dutiful and Elliania's relationship. While I know that Hobb was going for realism for this pairing, I found it very disturbing and way too intimate, especially seeing that Elliania was scarcely a teen (she was what, thirteen? fourteen?) and Dutiful wasn't much older, so the talks of them bedding and the vivid descriptions of Elliania and how she showed off her body were at times very disturbing. I just don't see Kettricken as the type of mother who would force her son into a relationship when he was so young and naive, she herself was eighteen when married. And what is this about Elliania having a child? Really, at fourteen?

Characters other than Fitz and the Fool dominating the story. Dutiful and his, at times, very childish and selfish decisions seemed to drive the story away from Fitz. His decision on Nettle and his lack of care on what Fitz thought was just infuriating, especially seeing as that Fitz easily accepted what he thought. Chade and Dutiful's stubbornness were the only reason that almost all the bad things in the book happen, and they seemed relentless on not respecting Fitz. Worst still, Fitz did nothing to stop them.

The ending. While not exactly a terrible ending, it was mingled with sorrow and depression. Fitz understandably gets together with Molly, but it felt as that Hobb was developing a blossoming relationship between Fitz and Kettricken, or one with Fitz and a female Fool, both of which felt better and more satiable than feeling like Fitz inherited rather than won Molly and her SEVEN children from Burrich. Nettle I can understand, but I think that no one can truly go back and start a childish love after the other person had so many children and spent so many years with one spouse. Much worse than that, and what was truly saddening, was the way the Fool and Fitz parted. It just feels terrible knowing that the Fool believes Fitz dead and Fitz having so many things to tell the Fool, but knowing that he will never see the Fool again. It just seems like a horrible way to end was of the most beautiful and complete relationships in the history of literature.

All in all, this book was amazing, and it was a great book that ended one of the most amazing series I have ever read. The ending was painful, and if it wasn't for it I would give this book a perfect 5. As it stands, however, the book was still amazingly written, and I sincerely hope that maybe one day Hobb will make another trilogy, one that centers around maybe the Fool's adventures or the like, as I feel like I can never get enough of this strange yet beautiful story.

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