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Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
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May 22, 2011

liked it

I was about to be a bitch and give it 2 stars, but I don't want any berserk Spartans trying to retaliate, so there. (Truth is, Logan is too hot not to get a gold star of his own!)

And before I discourage anyone, I do believe this series is going to be good, this book just felt like a prolonged introduction for the next installments instead of a genuine adventure itself, not to mention that if the main revelation of the book was supposed to be a twist, I saw it coming a mile away. And maybe I wanted Logan and Gwen to have a little more interraction before those butterflies started flying around like maniacs.

But on with the good stuff! Having Greek and Swedish heritage means I was thrust in a book where both countries's mythologies are prominent. And didn't regret it even a little bit. I love the idea of a school where everyone is a skilled warrior, your BFF will most likely be a deadly Valkyrie and you have the option to date a terrifying Spartan rocking a six pack like nobody's business; all while you prepare to fight the battle against the formidable Loki. The premise was priceless for a mythology (and six pack, I'll admit) nerd like me, and truth be told I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, which is why I had to read it shortly after I discovered its existence.

And I wasn't dissapointed, just left to want more action now that all the introductions were done with. For one, the chaotic nature of the school as seen from Gwen's eyes both disturbed and excited me. She pretty much tells us that whatever mythical warrior you can dream of, you will find in the school from page one. Which is a smart way for the author to leave her options open and be able to conjure any sort of mythical creature she might need in future books without the reader going all "But you said only those and those went to this school!". Genius and yet it makes you feel sort of cheated. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it when some amazingly hot guy jumps out the classroom and turns out to be an elf or something.

Not to say that I am not loyal to Logan though!
Oh Logan, Logan. He appeared in a couple of scenes, in which he mostly did lame flirting or killed things. I cannot explain why I love him so much. Maybe it's the Greek in me, being drawn to the mighty Spartan. I think part of it is that I love when brutal men who appear to care for nothing more than their warrior pride and who see women as fleeting pleasures fall in love and are so fiercely loyal and amazing it makes my shipper heart hurt. And I just have a feeling that's where he is headed, so I'll just keep on loving him until proven wrong (and probably after that too).

So there you have it! Everything is Logan and kickass mythical warriors and nothing hurts!

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