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The Hamster of the Baskervilles by Bruce Hale
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May 21, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: hamster, mystery, gecko, school
Recommended for: Pre-teens especially boys between 10-13

After classrooms start getting trashed Chet is on the case trying to solve the mystery. Then a second mystery is added to his sluething load. A "Were-creature" has been spotted on the campus of Emerson Hicky. Will Chet solve the case in time or will utter chaos break out at the science fair?

Chet is worried about being late for class, but what he sees when he skids in as the bell rings surprises even him. His classroom has been trashed. His teacher Mr. Ratnose hires him to solve the crime in exchange for 2 get-out-of-detention cards and a box of jelly doughnuts.

Chet's partner in solving crime is Natalie Attired (a mockingbird), together they begin their investigation during morning recess.

First on their list of suspects is Erik Nidd, a tarantula and school bully. When Chet and Natalie question question Erik he seems truly surprised to hear about the trashed classroom. Chet and Natalie then speak with Maureen DeBree, the head janitor, and ask her about the trash taken from Mr. Ratnose's classroom. She shows Chet and Natalie where in the dumpster the trash was taken. The smelly search brought them no closer to solving the mystery.

Chet then questions Bosco Rebbizi, a ferret with an attitude. Bosco refuses to answer Chet's questions, leaving Chet with the feeling that Bosco is hiding something. After school Chet and Natalie discover what that something is, Bosco has joined the Dirty Rotten Stinkers (the same gang that Erik Nidd belongs to).

The next day Chet and Natalie approach the "Stinkers" about joining them to investigate them in secret. Unfortunately the first test is to steal something from their teachers! Chet steals Mr. Ratnose's pointer. Natalie steals her teacher's apple. During recess Popper tells Chet that a werewolf/hamster monster was seen on campus that morning. Chet heads for Maureen DeBree's office but she isn't there, instead Chet finds Luke Busy, a huge badger with a lousy disposition. Maureen DeBree is on trash patrol and when Chet finds her she informs him that Ms. Burrower's classroom had been trashed that morning and there is a large hole under the playground!

During science class Principal Zero calls Chet into his office. He wants Chet to find the werewolf that Ms. LaRue(a teacher) had seen that morning. Chet then questions Cool Beans the librarian about werewolves.

During recess Chet informs Natalie of their new case. Natalie suggests that the two cases may be the same. Chet and Natalie agree to an early morning stakeout. While on stakeout Chet comes face-to-face with the were-creature of Emerson Hicky. Unfortunately in pursuit of the creature Chet knocks himself out so the creature gets away.

The "Stinkers" demand to know what misdeed Chet and Natalie will do so that they can join the "Stinkers". Shirley Chameleon picks that moment to let out that Chet is working for Mr. Ratnose. Chet and Natalie have to make a quick get-away and Chet's is into the dumpster.

That night is the school science fair. Principal Zero orders Chet to find the were-creature. Chet inadvertenly allows it to escape into the midst of the science fair where he tricks it into a wheel where the werehamster starts running. The werehamster was created by Ms. Burrower for the science fair, but the damage wasn't caused by the creature.

Chet is about to expose the Stinkers when Luke Busy confesses to doing the trashing under the orders of Ms. LaRue. Ms. LaRue didn't want Ms. Burrower to get Teacher of the Year.

The Stinkers thinking the were-hamster ruckus was Chet and Natalie's misdeed to join them offer to let them into their gang. Chet and Natalie decline the offer to join the Stinkers. All ends well with the case solved and Chet getting his box of jelly doughnuts.


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