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A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn
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May 21, 2011

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** Alex Flinn's fairytale retells are astounding! They always have me hanging on the balls of my feet and not wanting to put it down!

Talia is a slightly spoiled princess who is getting extremely aggravated with all of the people telling her to never touch a spindle. On the night of her birthday ball Talia looks through hundreds of dresses because her father took her to seriously when she said she wanted the finest dress in the world. After Talia convinces her snotty keeper to leave and let her look at the dresses on her own, Talia comes face to face with a creepy old looking staircase. Ever the curious one, she walks up the staircase and finds a gentle older woman hand sewing beautiful green ball gowns in every shade. Talia is captivated, and while talking to the woman, the elder girl offers to teach her how to sew. Talia agrees and pricks her finger on a spindle and her, along with her village fall under a deep sleep.

Jack is a teenager in the twenty first century. His parents don't pay much attention to him unless they're urging him to start thinking about college. So, on a trip in Europe, Jack and his friend don't show up for their tour group but instead decide to look around the city. They come across a sleeping mid-evil village hidden behind tall bushes. They travel to a castle and start looking around. Jack finds a beautiful blonde girl about his age passed out on the ground. Almost in a trance, he tells his friend to leave and kisses the girl, making her awaken.

Jack and Talia really get under each others nerves, but thats where the
love comes from.

Excuse me if I don't have exactly everything right, I haven't read it in a couple months. Like most of Flinn's books this story was wonderfully put together and left me really wanting more. I would suggest you read, I guarantee you'll love it.

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