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Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
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May 21, 2011

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3.5 stars.

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Scarlet and Rosie March live with their grandmother in the forest, because their mother left them. Their whole world is about to change when they get a visit from an unknown man. He attacks them: it’s a wolf and he kills their grandmother. Scarlet is able to defend her and Rosie, but is left with a lot of scars and she is blind at one eye. From that moment, she is determined to protect other girls by hunting every single wolf she can find. She gets help from Silas, their neighbor.

“But something tells me the hospital staff wouldn’t be too cool with a scarred-up girl with an eye patch coming in and hacking up one of their patients.”

After the prologue, the story is told from two POV’s. We get to take a look through Scarlet’s eye and Rosie’s eyes and that was a nice addition to the story. You really get to know both girls and you can understand their feelings much better this way. On one side, Scarlet is obsessed with the hunt. She believes it’s their job. On the other side, Rosie is torn between her sister and her life. She owes her life to Scarlet and therefore, she will hunt, but it doesn’t satisfy her enough. It’s Scarlet’s passion to hunt, but Rosie wants more.

And she has the chance. They travel to another city, because they heard about the rumors of a ‘Potential.’ That’s a boy who is about to change after he is bitten by another wolf. Every pack of wolves is hunting for this Potential, so they can add him to their group. Between hunting, Silas gives Rosie a little present: he pays for three little courses she can follow. Such as origami and taking dancing lessons. Rosie also feels something more for Silas than friendship.

Can they find the Potential before it is too late? Can Rosie combine a real life with hunting or will that separate her from her Scarlet? And what will happen with her feelings for Silas? If you want to find out, you better start reading this wonderful story!

Scarlet is a kick ass girl. Her body is proof enough, because it’s filled with scars. After the death of her grandmother, she totally lives for the hunt. It’s her passion; her calling. Armed with a razor-sharp hatchet, she is ready to kill every wolf who crosses her path.
That also made me sad, because there is so much more to live for. Like Rosie, who longs for something more. She is sweet and brave. Scarlet worries a lot about Rosie hunting alone, but believe me, she can handle a lot! Silas was great. He is very loyal to his friends, because he would sacrifice his life in order to safe them. He is also incredibly sweet towards Rosie.
I could see the plot coming, but I still liked the twist. There were some surprising things though, so not everything was predictable. I loved the fact that this retelling was so different from the real story, while it still manages to capture the essence. The original story isn’t one of my favorites, but I really liked this one!
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