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Slathbog's Gold by M.L. Forman
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May 20, 2011

really liked it

"Adventurers Wanted." That's what the sign in the shop window said when Alex first noticed it. He found it curious, but not as curious as when the sign was a different color when he looked back at it again! Lured by the mysterious sign, Alex entered the shop. His life was anything but adventurous, but not for long. Alex found himself in the presence of the shop owner and then two of the owner's acquaintances, a dwarf and an elf, who all acted as if they'd been waiting for Alex to show up and sign up to be the final member of a team. The team's objective was to go on an adventure. Reassured that even though time passes when on an adventure it doesn't pass at all in the "real" world that Alex came from, Alex acts on a spurt of boldness and signs. He is then whisked into a flurry of final preparations for the adventure, including a shopping trip for everything Alex might need on the adventure, meeting the others making up the team, and finding out what, exactly, the adventure is.

Slathbog is a very large, powerful dragon whose hoard of treasure is immense, and the adventure is to slay the dragon and claim the treasure. On the journey, Alex and the others encounter an Oracle, spirits, and other characters unusual to Alex but taken as very ordinary by everyone else. Alex is challenged to believe that magic really exists, but once he does, he begins to realize his own strengths and abilities he never knew of before. As Alex's character is developed, he is faced with challenges to his honesty, his loyalty, and his character in general through the adversaries the team encounters.

This story is a fun one to read. The action keeps the story moving, and nowhere did it seem to drag. Loose ends are tied up at the end, and it also leaves a wide opening for a sequel. It's light but not lame, heavy enough to be an enjoyable read.

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