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A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor
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message 1: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell Sherwood's review really made me want to read it.

message 2: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell 'This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on September 14, 2011.'


message 3: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell Elizabeth wrote: "Oh really, not until September? Sorry."


I might have, uh, binged a tiny bit. Maybe. (But no titles til Sept/Oct!)

message 4: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell Elizabeth wrote: "NYRB is coming out on kindle, is that what you're telling me? My book budget for the year is going to be massacred completely!"


I don't know how much of the line, but I DO know I was looking up PF after he died to see if the books were on Kindle, and they weren't. So it's very pleasing to see them available!....they better be proofread.

message 5: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell Elizabeth wrote: "What's up with the kindle proofreading? It is terrible. Do they think we don't care? That we can't read? I'm baffled."

It is SO BAD. It just about ruins the experience of reading ebooks for me - and I don't mean just little slips here and there, which admittedly drive me nuts in print editions (and I find them more often all the time now), but stuff like "vvhich", poor hyph-enation, inconsistent paragraph and line spacing, constant widows and orphans, consistent misspellings of proper names and places....a friend of mine says that OCR Word or rtf files just get dumped into the conversion program? And then, I guess, apparently nobody is checking on an ereader to see what errors cropped up? Which baffles me.

(I also have to think maybe the big publishing houses are still hoping ebooks will either just go away or won't eat all the dead trees, which may be paranoia on my part, but I don't know.)

message 6: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell Oh, that's interesting! Wow. Reports of publishing's death were premature? (Well, hard copy big publishing will die eventually. But anyway.)

the rush by publishers to digitize older books.



Gutenberg's ebooks of classics are so much better than the free ones Amazon pushes, which is just fucking sad.

message 7: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell Oh yeah, that's what I wound up doing, after I stared at the Amazon version of Villette in horror for a couple of minutes. (The line breaks
like this)

message 8: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell Did you see my horrified screed of bile after BUYING Moon for the Misbegotten because I wanted an e-version of it BECAUSE I couldn't find it? And then
the whole
was like that
and the stage directions were
and the dialogue wasn't set up


And all they did was refund me and yank it off my Kindle (which felt a bit....odd) and apologize and say "We'll contact the publisher." Which, haha, nobody will care about O'Neill. But then I spied the Later Plays of O'Neill peeking out at me from the living-room piles later, so it was all right.

message 9: by Moira (new) - added it

Moira Russell This is FINALLY on my Kindle! YEAH.

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