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Back When You Were Easier to Love by Emily Wing Smith
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May 20, 2011

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Most of us have been there, we’ve been dumped before. Then we do this thing where we put said dumper on a pedestal and try to figure out why someone so “amazing” dumped as. But as time marches on, amazing is replaced with some other adjectives, i.e. rude, pig-headed, insensitive, etc. So, yes this book is relatable, yet it is also creepy at how obsessive one can become with wanting “closure”. In reality, for a lot of us “closure” really means “give me one more chance, look at what you are missing, we are perfect for each other”. Then we get kicked back down and for whatever reason that second rejection is like a epiphany, and we realize it’s time to move on.

Spoilers dusted ahead:

This story focuses on Joy, the dumpee and Zan, the Dumper. Only Zan doesn’t really dump Joy, he just leaves town and tells his best friend Noah to keep Joy away. Sounds like a swell fella, right?!?!?! Joy did this thing a lot of girls do, she let Zan’s Girlfriend become her identity. She based her future on him. She thought it was a deep and meaningful relationship, when all Zan wanted to do was just get away-from her and the town. So, naturally Noah and Joy dislike each other, but figure they will road-trip it out to see Zan and “get closure”. (I quoted that, because it’s exactly what I was referring to earlier) Thankfully, he is a royal a$$-hat and she begins her process of letting go.

So, I really loved Noah in this, but Joy and Zan really got on my nerves. She was obsessive to a point it was almost uncomfortable to read. I think I would have liked this monumentally more had I read this back in High School or perhaps after being dumped.
But, I really hate how it’s like everything in this book revolved around a guy. Even after Zan was out of the picture, she started in on butterflies and hand-holding with Noah. Like I said, I adore Noah, but I hate the circumstances of how he is “getting the girl”

Blah, I wanted so much more from this cute cover. It’s not a quirky as the author wants it to be.

3 stars (and I think I’m being fairly generous)

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message 1: by Cara (new)

Cara Man, this one sounds like it's going to be cute, but my library doesn't carry it. I mean how adorable is that they both are standing on a library stool?!?!?!?!

Kristy Agree. Now that i've started it, it's really about a girl who is OBSESSED with a guy who dumped her and left town..... It's not what I had into mind......

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