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American Outlaw by Jesse James
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May 20, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** It's a typical I had a bad upbringing. My dad beat me, my mom was absent, I fell in love with a good woman (okay 2 of them) but I blew it. The first was because i was too self-centered and cared only about my shop and me. The other (sandy) was because I didn't feel worthy (you are not) so f$ck it, I am going to mess it up and blame it all on the circumstances that "made me cheat on you" and later blame it all on the lack of self worth and still "my dad beat me, my mom was absent and my second marriage to a porn star didn't work out...whoa's me", attitude. I get it, let us all take minute to pity you.

Yet as I read this and feel the way I do above, I can't help but do understand, he messed up royally and at least he admits to it. It is his least he claimed responsibility to the last marriage, as of this writing. He's not married to his "beloved Katherine" (noted as to the dedication page) ...which is by the way, Kat Von D. from L.A. Ink. Btw, as of this writing, 5/20/11, he went on to the Howard Stern satellite radio to promote this book where you hear him saying how "Kat V.D. is 100% better in bed than Sandra Bullock". Way to go, mister I am so wounded by life. How classy can you get?

It's his in your face attitude that is a BIG turn off. What is engaging is when he is (or at least his ghost writer) more on the up and up and raw, that is what draws you in. It's not the big vocabulary words his assistant writer uses, but just his perspective. But he tends to always have a picture of him "rising above the others and leading them and himself to a better outcome" that is too eye rolling, and you can see, okay, he's full of himself again.

He needs to be more humble and less rebellious. We get it, you don't like us. It's okay, not everyone needs to like each other but stop glaring at us like we are your thorns. Oh wait, that's the papparazzi's. Never mind. :)

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message 1: by Elesha (new)

Elesha I started reading it and felt the same about how you do Barbera. He was just a big jerk to me since he was born, and then he wants to blame his stupidity and mistakes on everyone else but himself.

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