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Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jul 09, 2016

really liked it
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❝Kat fascinated me, every aspect of her. She was beautiful, but it went so beyond that. She was so incredibly strong, and she bore the scars of her strength like a prizefighter. She was smart and stubborn, but most of all, she was kind, and she'd given me the ultimate gift when she loved me in return.❞

Thank you Jennifer L. Armentrout for letting me find a way to love one of your series and persuade me to keep going when I didn't mean to and expected to completely fall in love with it and completely shut down everything around me just to see where the next journey of Daemon and Katy would go. I never thought about loving Paranormal Romance at least a bit and little did I know that this series would be the first one I would completely fall in love with and miss it over and over again as I finished one book.

Love was a gift.

Opposition was no different than Origin and Opal. Katy and Daemon are trying to find a way to be together, stay together and just survive and stop all this Luxen mess. But in Opposition, nothing is the same. I mean, Katy is a badass and Daemon just falls in love with her over and over and even more when he sees her make some bitch ass Lux bleed. It's funny how it all went from hating each other to taking a bullet for each other and finding ways to prove their love for each other over and over, but I guess it was worth waiting and worth reading until finding out truths and all.

Katy once again is a freaking badass and still that book nerd. After finally being able to stop this mess and finally be with Daemon for as long as she can, she's back to book blogging and fangirling over books and talking about them non-stop, remembering covers and using quotes as cheesy comebacks. She grew a shit ton more becoming stronger and stronger as she was able to fight with the power she was given, now that she knows how it works and what is really is. She was fierce and a savage at times, not caring what others had to say and completely was able to defend herself like she's been doing since book 1. She's been positive and kept her head up when the bad times came along and didn't really let anything or anyone stop her or get in her way. I loved seeing her character development grow in a way I never expected and I love the person she became. She accepted the person she became and wasn't a complete whining bitch, not caring about anything or anyone but instead cared about everyone, wanted to make sure everything was okay and didn't give up on finding out reasons behind her power and strength.

Daemon again is the same sweet, loving, caring, yet stupid angel who cares so much about his love, Katy. He's grown into someone who decided to take a bullet for the girl, made sure she was okay and happy, and would do anything to make her happy and keep her safe. He hasn't been an asshole to Katy since Origin and all of that was completely refreshing, not expecting any of the respectful mind he carries with her and respectful manners of him towards her. He was the same douche and jerk to others but when it came to Katy, he was always different and everything about him changed; softened. He was still the strong leader and would keep leading his family and friends, finding out how to stop this and finding out who was and is behind everything, not leaving anyone behind or anything. He was always finding ways to make everything work and everything about him was about the Daemon I fell in love with and boy am I glad I did! His relationship with Katy wasn't rushed and he never rushed anything, never forced her into anything but instead took his time with her and made sure she was okay with everything happening. He was still the protective brother when it came to Dee and Dawson, and when it came to Katy, he was still the boyfriend who would send one of his own kind flying because he has touched the girl's neck in front of him and well, I don't think a girls boyfriend would allow that anyway.

Dee was completely a bitch in the beginning and everything about her faded and left me upset. Of course there was a reason and it wasn't really her controlling herself, it wasn't her doing all that damage and it wasn't her trying to kill Katy, but she was still rude and arrogant at times. It's like she and Daemon switched personalities from the first book and Daemon was Dee while Dee was Daemon. It was sad and left me a little broken because I've loved Dee since the beginning and even though she's had to go through so much shit and been put through a lot, I still wished she was able to pretend like her brother while trying to save and defend Katy but it was like she didn't put much effort to it or didn't even bother trying. I'm glad everything went back to normal and her and Katy are back to being best friends, sisters now and putting everything in their spot, like it used to be. They've both left the horrible and heartbreaking past behind and decided to take a step forward and see how that would work and turn out.

Archer is completely in love with Dee and he just didn't bother trying to hide it. He didn't care about Daemon being the brother and even when he knew who Dee could be and become, how she could act and how hard she can hit, he would also have a soft spot for her and I was glad he was the protective one as well. I loved him in Origin and I loved him in Opposition as well. Nothing about him was wrong, he wasn't annoying, and he didn't end up betraying the people he promised to help and not leave behind. He was different than everyone and by different I mean he's different. He isn't just a Lux and isn't just able to shoot a powerful and bright light from his palm but is able to read minds as well without wanting to at times. Oh the moments of him and Katy when he was inside her head. God I wonder where their friendship went after.

Luc is the same hilarious kid and I can't say much about him. He was mentioned and even though he is a favorite of many, he wasn't my favorite. Archer was my favorite while Luc was a typical side character that I didn't pay much attention to. He had his hilarious comebacks and was the witty kid who made me giggle because of how he acted and was around others. He was strong, despite his size and age, and was also one who didn't end up betraying them. I had small doubts about him, thinking he would end up like Blake and would ditch Katy, Daemon and the rest and go wander and do whatever pleases him. He sort of did, but because he's a kid, he's different. He came back in the end and I was glad he did, again with his stupid yet adorable lines.

Kat whipped toward me, her eyes glowing from within. In that moment, she looked like a goddess—a goddess of vengeance.

Again, Opposition was quite similar to the rest. It kept dealing with the Luxen and Arum and finding out how to put an end to it all. Since this is the 5th and final installment of the series, there was an end to it and Daemon and Katy finally were able to stay together, with nothing to worry and leave the past behind, looking for the future. JLA has definitely convinced me into reading her other books and now I am convinced she will be able to make me love them. Even if I don't like the first novel, I'll probably end up liking or loving the 2nd and the rest and just completely fall in love with her phenomenal writing again.

Katy and Daemon had me wanting more of them together and I missed them constantly, not having finished the series. Now that I'm done, I don't know what other couple I will love so much and will be just as loving and beautiful as this one. They were both perfect for each other and I thank Jennifer for creating such a perfect pair that always had me smiling, wishing there was a Daemon in my life. Now, who knows what fictional couple will "replace" Katy and Daemon and will have me bawling my eyes out because of how cute they are around each other, together, and even around others. Oh man I love them both so much how is this possible?!?

There's so much more to this one. Ass kicking, family sacrificing each other, heartbreaking moments, and moments that had me wanting more and not wanting to stop reading the lines because of how beatifully written it was. Now, I guess it's my time to say goodbye to this alien-mojo world and the world where a jerk face ended up having me fall head over toes for him because of how he would be, acted and how much he really decided to change just for a girl. It's my time to say goodbye to a girl who was like me in such little fractures who loves books and would spend her time reading and gushing over covers and fictional characters. Little did I know I would want to be saying goodbye to a world where aliens exist and fight each others kind to protect other kind because of the connections they feel towards them. Strong and real connections, unlike the ones they never felt before.

Of course there are many other characters who were introduced, only leaving me hating them and wishing they were thrown into a cliff and would completely shatter and bleed. Oh wait...
“That was for being a complete bitch!” She caught Sadi in the back, pushing her forward. “And this is for even thinking it was okay to touch me.” The final swing came from the front, snapping Sadi's head into next week. “And that is for even speaking Daemon's name.”

I'm just surprised this series completely caught my heart because of how everything worked out and how everything came to an end. It was a conclusion, and I can't say it was the best, it was just a lot more action packed and was the one that had me laughing, grinning and smiling so much because of the threats and actions taken, but Origin will definitely have to be my favorite and will remain as my favorite.
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Rose everything in this review tho <3

Maggie Rose wrote: "everything in this review tho <3"


Emma Mari Love your review!! Sums up my feelings and thoughts perfectly <3

Donish Henry-Cole (BookItWithDon) Amazing review!!

Maggie Emma wrote: "Love your review!! Sums up my feelings and thoughts perfectly <3"

glad there's two of us.

Maggie Donish wrote: "Amazing review!!"

thank you!

Ashwood (애쉬 우드). Wow, really really awesome review!!

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thank you thank you thank you

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Giulia China god, I still need to read the last book in the series, I started it like 3 years ago and never finished it .....

Bookfandom1001 I couldn't have written a better review i totally agree with you

Maggie Bookfandom1001 wrote: "I couldn't have written a better review i totally agree with you"

I'm so glad! Thank you!

Maggie Giulia wrote: "god, I still need to read the last book in the series, I started it like 3 years ago and never finished it ....."

You need to! It gets so much better!

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Sofia Hi Maggie could you tell me if this series ever has cheating between one of the MCs?
I want to know if they are loyal to each other.

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