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Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton
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did not like it
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There are only so many times one can read about Jean-Claude’s deep blue eyes before you feel like clawing them out just so that it will be mentioned no more. The same goes for Asher’s beautiful golden head of hair…one more mention of that and I will be sorely tempted to leap into the book armed with a razor to shave it all off. I’m also thinking of buying Anita a chastity belt. That way, maybe she can focus more on the plot rather than trying to have sex with as many guys in as short amount of time as possible. It seems that Anita has decided to stop kicking ass and shooting people to better spend her precious energy on sex. Well done girl, you finally have your priorities figured out.

I don’t want to give up on this series as I’ve been enjoying it so much up until number nine, but if I have to slog through any more plotlines about the goddamn ardeur and the random sex and orgies, my head will explode. I fail to see how introducing the ardeur has added anything relevant to the series. There’s also the repeated descriptions of just about everything, from Asher’s scars, to Dolph‘s appearance, to Asher’s HAIR and Jean-Claude’s deep blue EYES, to Nathaniel freaking lilac EYES, to Micha’s bright green cat EYES, to…dear God, I can’t take anymore eye descriptions. At least Richard’s out of the picture so we don’t have to read about his amazing fluffy brown hair. There’s only Asher’s golden hair, Jean-Claude’s dark curls and Nathaniels long auburn braid. Seriously, what is it with the hair and the eyes?

You would think having read about the triumvirate for so long we’d be over it now, but no. We still have the same descriptions over and over again about how it’s affecting the three of them and nothing ever changes. Do we really need to read the same thing repeatedly, only worded slightly differently each time? I can’t bring myself to do it, so I’m skimming paragraphs and even pages at a time. I’m not sure how long I can keep this up for…maybe I can make you a deal Anita. If you can abstain from sex for the rest of this book, I will finish it but if I come across you jumping anyone else’s bones then the deal is off and I am done with you.


Well, I managed to finish the book and although I didn't encounter any more sex scenes, I also didn't encounter anything to make this book less of a failure. The ending seemed pretty rushed and Anita is still dating multiple guys so nothing has improved. I'm not sure whether to give the next book a try or to give up on this series. I can't remember the last time it took me six days to read a book.
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message 1: by Straylights (new)

Straylights I hate how every guy wants her and then she judges every female if the get up Her guys. Like dude, u have &4747737374939837 guys! Give the other women a chance! Back off!! Ugh! UGH!!! Love the review. Couldn't agree more

Catherine Lol, thanks! You're so right, I used to love Anita because she was so cool, but now all she cares about are the guys. And I don't understand how all the men want her, she's got such a bad attitude and she can be really horrible.

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