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Hush by Cherry Adair
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May 18, 2011

really liked it
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Read in May, 2011

Reading some books is like being on a roller-coaster and Hush is like that. It is an action packed adventure that starts with a bang and doesn't stop.

When Zakary Stark opens his eyes he realizes that she is wrapped around a naked woman, whose name he can't quite recall and before he can do anything more, armed men barge into their room. A kidnapping, now Zak doesn't consider himself a hero but he is worried about the woman and his brother Gideon, he tries to make a move but is unsuccessful, and the next time he opens his eyes, he along with his brother and his one-night stand who he likes to call "Barbie" are in a truck being transported.

Acadia Gray only wanted a adventure, she considers herself a observer and not a doer. Her friends after her father died after a battle with Alzheimer's and she wins the lottery in Kansas, book a trip for Venezuela and she comes a few days before.
So, she lies about herself and spends an uninhibited night with Zak never expecting to get up in the morning and be mauled by men trying to kidnap her. But Acadia is a planner, giver her some time and a list and she can come up with something. She is not someone to take things lying down and she tells Zak that and damn that vest she wore with 28 pockets, she prepared for every contingency, a tent, aspirin, wipes, bandages etc and all of them come in handy and help in their escape.

Acadia thinks that she is the reason they are kidnapped but no Zak and his brother are thrill-seekers and millionaires and partners of a big search engine. Zak has been for the past 2 years pushing the limits ever since his wife died. His brother thinks that his wife Jennifer was the love of his life but she wasn't, she instead was a manipulative woman, who made Zak lose faith, the only reason he feels guilty is because she was his responsibility and he sees himself as no hero. He is quite a jerk sometimes to Cady in the beginning and keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop, that is for Cady to start throwing tantrums. When Gideon tells Zak that they need to separate and he should take Cady Zak is not pleased.

But nope Cady is a kick-ass woman, she is scared no doubt and when Zak collapses because of a bullet wound she takes charge since she has no choice. Seeing her fleece that corrupt police-man was fun and the come-backs she had for Zak and his sarcasm. And the sexual tension is off the charts even when they are sweaty and in the jungle.

I did have a clue about who was orchestrating the whole kidnapping but I was proved wrong in one way. They had such rotten luck, the safe-house is blown up, they have to escape from the hotel and airport after getting back and the company plane blows up, also Gideon is missing.

There is a slight paranormal element introduced after Zak flat-lines, he keeps seeing these coordinates, I was not a big fan of it but it was not that in the face.

The best part of the book was the adventure and resourcefulness of Cady and seeing her and Zak together.

After a very long time I loved a Cherry Adair, can't wait for the next.
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message 1: by MBR (new)

MBR Can't wait to read this then. I have loved Cherry Adair's past books, her recent ones haven't been that interesting. But am definitely going to give this a go.

Saly MBR this is one of the good one's, I agree her last T-FLAC book was a complete miss for me and then that snakes book, also the first Cutter Cay book was just average. Hope you enjoy this.

 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* Great review, Saly! Whoa, talk about an exciting and action-packed beginning!

I haven't read any Cherry Adair yet. Which ones would you recommend, MBR and Saly?

message 4: by MBR (new)

MBR Jayne, there are a couple of Harlequins and some of her T-FLAC series that I have enjoyed.
Kiss and Tell
The Mercenary
White Heat
Take Me
Seducing Mr. Right

Saly Lady Jayne I agree with MBR's recs, I love her Harlequins and first few T-FLAC books(rest are also good but they go PNR)

I would add
Out of Sight( camel-sex ;) )
Hot Ice (sexy thief alert)

message 6: by MBR (new)

MBR Saly wrote: "Out of Sight( camel-sex ;) )"

Ooh! I like!! ^_^

message 7: by Buggy (new)

Buggy Thanks Saly, this sounds super good

Saly Buggy if your are in a mood for adventure, do pick this up.

Lisa Kay Great review, Saly! I may add the word "uninhibitied" (sex) to my review too! I like it!

message 10: by Saly (new) - rated it 4 stars

Saly Thanks Lisa Kay. And yes do add the word :)

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