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The Poison Throne by Celine Kiernan
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really liked it
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This could have been a five star book. I'll start with the bad and then move to the good. There isn't much bad anyway.

1. Wynter. I do like her, but a few things annoyed me. I didn't mind that she started off arrogant and cold/calculating, because it was fun to watch her grow, however, two things bother me about her. The first is that she is homophobic and basically comes right out and says she might not love her brother if he were gay. That made me icky toward her--I don't care about the time period or how she grew up. Secondly, at one point she actually FORGETS that one of her friends is being held in the dungeon at night, possibly being tortured. Who would freaking forget something like that?

2. I like Lorcan, Wynter's father, but I feel there was way too much of him. He's in 99.99% of the scenes and sometimes I felt like everything in the book was revolving around him. That's not to say I didn't feel sorry for him, though. Also, not enough Christopher. I know, I know. Wynter is the main character. But come on. SEVEN Christopher-less chapters. No. Nope. I'm not having it.


I like the world. It's unique and eerie and just really cool. I haven't read anything quite like it before. It's magical.

And the characters. They're all very unique and full and real and have so many hidden layers.

I could have killed Razi on a number of occassions for being a complete a-hole, and yet I still like him and feel so much sympathy for him. Should I kick him or hug him? Yeahhh.

As for Chritopher. OhGod. He begins as a character who seems like a stereotype, but that's because Wynter immediately begins judging him and putting him into categories and thinking she knows his every secret. Now, I loved him from the moment he stepped on the scene, but the more I got to know him, the more I wanted to steal him for myself. He's just so. Freaking. Sweet. He has no right to be so honorable and kind and funny and caring and loving and smart and AHHH. I almost want to eat him. Except no. He needs to be my husband. Anyone have magic powers to pull characters out of books, huh, huh? The scene where he's telling the story to a little boy in the palace. Holy God. WHY? He kills me. And the way he says 'afeared' or 'mortal feared.' So freaking cute.

Okay, okay. Moving on. I cried quite a few times reading this, mostly in relation to Christopher, but also about the terrible things that happened to some of the ghosts. I won't say what it is, but I didn't even know OR like one of the ghosts, but I felt so damn bad for him and was bawling my eyes out. That is how you write, people. You make your readers feel things other than annoyance.

This scene ensues when a little 'spit boy' asks my darling Christopher how he lost his two middle fingers.


"They were eaten by a bear," whispered Christopher, with such easy conviction that for a moment Wynter believed him, though the story was patently ridiculous.

The child's eyes showed silver under his lashes again and he peered at Christopher across a huge chasm of sleep, not sure if he believed him. Christopher breathed another soft laugh. "I was fishing for flies..." he said confidentially.

"For flies?"

"Aye." Christopher's thumb kept up its easy stroking of the little forehead. "Ain't you never fished for flies?" The child shook his head, his eyes closing despite his best efforts. "Huh," said Christopher, "how do you feed your frogs then?"

Christopher straightened and then chuckled as the sleepy little voice said, "Don't got me no frogs."

Christopher bent forward again, murmuring low so that Razi and Wynter had to strain to hear. The fire shot blue and lilac highlights through his curtain of black hair and outlined his chin in gold as he said, "Oh, you must get some frogs, lad. They are excellent good companions."

"How you fish for flies?" the boy mumbled.

"Well..." Christopher's scarred hand lay on the side of the small head. "You just dip your fingers in honey and wait. "'Course, I fell asleep, didn't I? And when I woke up, that bloody bear was making off with my fingers. I chased him, of course, and he dropped all but the two that are missing. And your good Lord Razi, he sewed the others back on for me, because he is a great doctor, and a most excellent man."

"You know what the worst part was, mouse?"


"Those two fingers had all my best rings on them. Now, whenever I see a bear I follow him home to see if he's shat out my jewels."

The child squeaked out a little laugh of delighted revulsion. "Ew! You roots in bear poop!"

"Silly boy," tutted Christopher, "I use a stick."


Oh how I love this boy book.

Christopher (With short hair and modern clothes, of course ;)

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