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Last Kiss by Laurelin Paige
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it was amazing

After having practically devoured every passionate, dark, intense, and unforgettable word of First Touch by Last Kiss, you can bet your pretty little head that I was more than ready to read Last Kiss. In fact, after finishing First Touch at about two this morning, I promptly wrote my review for that book and stayed up another two and a half hours reading the first half of this one. I could not put it down. Y'all, I literally had to force myself to stop because otherwise I would've been watching the sun come up while finishing this book, and while I could've done that, I needed to be somewhat mentally present, so I didn't. But damn did I want to. So badly.

Last Kiss was the perfect, and I mean perfect conclusion to the wickedly sensual, phenomenally suspenseful, and exceptionally written story that I got with Emily and Reeve. This story picked up right from the moment I left them in First Touch, and it kept on going. This book threw me right back into the thick of it with them, and I could not get enough. I couldn't read it fast, I couldn't get the answers I sought fast enough, and I couldn't get enough of every ounce of feeling and heat that Emily and Reeve shared in this unputdownable story.

This duet, this story, these characters and everything within the pages wove together something I know I won't soon forget. It wove together a well written and thoughtfully crafted story of suspense, romance, heat, and more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at. It wove together a set of characters that were complicated, authentically real and raw, and that were messy and dynamic in the best possible ways. It wove together every lick of emotion and feeling they all shared for one another, and in the both of these books, Last Kiss especially showed me how far they were all willing to go to discover things about themselves and each other.

I could literally go on and on about how much I loved this book. I could go on and on about how much it blew me away, how much it consumed me on every level possible, and how much it made me think and feel and wonder and question through every single unforgettable page. I could go on and on about what I got with Emily and with Reeve, how I got to know them on the deepest of levels, and how over the course of this book I got to see and understand and discover parts of them that they didn't even know existed. I could go on and on about the wholly enrapturing reading experience that Laurelin Paige gave me with these characters. I could tell you all about that for paragraphs and paragraphs, and I still wouldn't even come close to capturing an ounce of what it was like to read this book, and to fall in love with these characters.

Now it is pretty easy to say that when you read this book you won't just be reading it, you'll be fully experiencing it with these characters. You will live and breathe and experience every word of it with them as they try to figure out what they feel, what they can do with it all, and as they try to see how safe they all really are with what they feel and think. You will question with them, you will break with them, and you will understand everything that happens in this book and with these characters because Laurelin Paige creates such a visceral connection to it all through this book. She puts you in it, she lets you fall in love and understand these characters even more than you ever thought possible. She lets you see them at their best and worst, their highest and lowest, and she lets you understand every thought and decision and choice they make in this book because that's how in this you are with them.

You live this book, you breathe in and feel every ounce of it, and with every turn of that page you fall more and more under its wicked spell that I guarantee will never fully let you go.

As I said, the events of this book pick up right after the events of First Touch. You obviously need to read that book before reading this one, and because this book is so full of shocks and twists and turns, I don't want to reveal much of anything about it because I would hate to ruin you reading it for yourself. Just know, if you loved and enjoyed First Touch, then you will love and enjoy Last Kiss even more. And be prepared for this book to wow you. Be prepared for it to take your heart, put you through the wringer a bit, and be prepared to feel every second of this book. Because let me tell you, you will feel this book. You will feel every moment of heat and passion, you will feel every moment of heartbreak, every second of hurt and pain these characters go through on their journey together, and every ounce of hope and fight they have to try and make it through and to each other. You will be invested in this book and Emily and Reeve in every way possible, and honestly it doesn't get better than that.

Last Kiss gives you every aspect of Emily and Reeve's unforgettable story that you could ever want, and it will keep you on baited breath with a heart feeling it all until the very last page. Trust me. You will be consumed by this book and everything it gives you, and in the end you will finish this book knowing you've read something truly phenomenal. I know I did, and honestly I couldn't have asked for a better follow up and conclusion to this duet. It was everything. It was raw, it was real and messy and complicated, and it pushed these characters to their very limits, and that is what made it a book and a story I know I will never forget because what those characters gave me in this story was everything. Everything.

I am telling you, you need this book in your life. It literally has it all and more, and I honestly wish I could reread and experience them again for the first time because they were that good, that well written, that consuming, and that damn good.

If you're looking for a solid read, characters that will push your boundaries along with yours, and a story bursting with so much, then I am telling you you need these books in your life. This minute. They will blow you away with everything you have, and in the end, you will love them for it. Trust me. You will never forget the last kiss of Emily and Reeve and their story, and better yet, you won't want to.
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Quotes Megan Liked

Laurelin Paige
“A kiss that couldn’t fade.
A kiss that could go on forever.
A kiss that could last.
Instead of what it really was—a last kiss.”
Laurelin Paige, Last Kiss

Laurelin Paige
“And the love I felt for him was weightless, like a feather, like a beam of light, like falling forever and never touching the ground.”
Laurelin Paige, Last Kiss

Laurelin Paige
“I put myself back together as best as I could, but I was sure that parts of me were broken permanently. Dark parts of me. Parts that I’d held onto for far too long.”
Laurelin Paige, Last Kiss

Laurelin Paige
“Whoever had decided that damnation was fire and brimstone was wrong. Hell was cold and ice and emptiness. Hell was watching the one I'd grasped to so tightly slip through my fingers.
Hell was realizing the one I'd come to love would never choose to love me.”
Laurelin Paige, Last Kiss

Laurelin Paige
“I love you,” he said again, like a creed. “I love you so thoroughly it feels like you’re in my DNA. Like you must be part of my genetic code because there’s no part of me that isn’t linked to you. My love for you is so consuming on the inside that there’s barely room.”
Laurelin Paige, Last Kiss

Laurelin Paige
“And his love was heavy and hot, but not at all the burden I’d imagined it would be because he carried it for me, I realized now.”
Laurelin Paige, Last Kiss

Laurelin Paige
“He sat back with a satisfied grin. “I just wanted you to admit it.” He was especially cute when he got cocky, and he knew it.”
Laurelin Paige, Last Kiss

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