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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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it was amazing
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So for the past year I have read nothing but boring 1,000+ page tech books. Finding myself bored to death, I felt it was time to enter the land of fiction again. I decided to go with Game of Thrones after a friend of mine who has recently found a love for books suggested it to me as a must read. That and I am the only person on Earth that hasn't gotten into it. The thought of reading another 1,000 page book didn't really intimidate me this time since it was fiction. I have only watched one episode of the show in the past, so I didn't know much about it other than there being a lot of fighting and a lot of sex. Sounds like a show I would sneak to watch late at night as a kid. I never cared much for period pieces, so I didn't give the GoT books much thought before it was suggested. I also never got into giant fantasy books other than LOTR - which I did think was awesome, but long. I also read the Dark Tower series a few years ago which seemed to never end. What makes me dread reading GoT is that, much like Dark Tower, there are five of them and more to come. All of them around 1,000 pages. My thoughts were...this book better deliver.
I went into this expecting it to be over-hyped. I was wrong. This book does deliver. I started reading it about 2 weeks ago. I could hardly put it down. I wish I could read tech books this fast. The story telling is great. The characters are awesome. You love some and you loathe others. It is impossible to stay away from spoilers with social media, so I already know that just about everybody dies. That doesn't make the book any less exciting.
The book is wonderfully paced and tells the story from a different character's perspective for each chapter. The author goes into enough detail about each character to make them all interesting - even if they are ass holes. It is a massive story much like LOTR. It spans different kingdoms, has maps of the world it takes place in, and an appendix explaining who is who in each Kingdom and how they are related to each other. This is necessary since the story is so big. As for the plot, there really isn't a lot of fighting until the end. Most of the story is about people at the top lusting for power and what they end up doing to get that power - murder, betrayal and lies, lies, lies. I assume the rest of the books are about what they do when they actually get that power. Book 1 gives a little taste of that. You will definitely want the good guys to win in this story. However, that may take a while - if it happens at all. The author lets the reader know how cruel this world is. In book 1, the good guys do not always win and you find yourself upset with the results - hating people that do not even exist.
I am really glad I read this book. I am hooked now. I will be watching season 1 before I begin book 2.
I am anxious to read about the dragons (sorry for spoiler here, but it is all over Facebook), however I don't think I will jump into book 2 until I force myself to read another boring tech book. So do i recommend this book? Absolutely!!! If you do not like violence, don't worry, it is still less violent than the bible. Oh, and there are zombies in it in the very first chapter! The story has both zombies and dragons!!!!!
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