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The Tourist by Clare London
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May 17, 2011

it was amazing

The Tourist has a unique theme. This is a tough thing to do, to come up with something fresh, and I applaud Ms. London for taking something like “jumping” and having the “jumper” jump for sex and fun. Ace is dead and he’s been jumping into bodies ever since. Most times he stays for a bit of sex then leaves, others he stays a little longer, but this time he stays quite a while.

Ace had jumped into Dan and proceeded to join Dan’s lover, Ricky, in the shower. (Hotness abounds!) Ms. London was expert in being able to ensure I was never confused as to who Ace was—Dan, Ricky, or himself—or which of their thoughts and lives he was talking about. Not only do we have the superb tale of Dan and Ricky, but also snippets of Ace’s life—those that he can remember—and they are just fab.

God, this book is brilliant. I really, really loved it. I got my Brit voice (yay!) and a story that made me laugh, cry, get chills, and hate the baddie.

Ace sticks around with these two because they need help. Their emotions, which of course, he feels, get to him, and he wants to lend a hand. It’s a brilliant tool, having Ace as a device in the tale, because it lent a different edge to books that switch from character to character. I got a deeper insight into how Dan and Ricky felt—and first person is also a plus for me when reading—and how much they weren’t telling the other. On the outside, from Dan’s point of view, it appeared Ricky was still stuck on his ex, Calder. But he isn’t—all Ricky wants is Calder out of his life and Dan in it. I found it tense for a while there, me knowing how they both felt, yet them not having a clue, but everything evens out in the end.

But what an ending! The climax…my word… Ace jumped into Calder, and I got a bird’s-eye view, an in-my-face-this-is-uncomfortable-yet-I-want-to-read-on look into Calder’s psyche. He’s mental, no two ways about it, but you don’t realise just how mental until that climax. And because Ace is a good person, him being Calder and doing Calder-like things was interesting to “watch” in my mind. Ace coped with it well, but I did get a bit antsy when I thought disaster was just around the corner…

In Ricky’s point of view, there is a somewhat disturbing element where when he’s thinking, things Calder has said to him in the past intrude. Very cleverly done, they get a line by themselves in italics, and each line plays into what Ricky is thinking. It shows in glorious Technicolour, exactly what kind of number Calder did on Ricky. An example of this would be: Ricky, I don’t like being kept waiting. As well as making me feel very sorry for Ricky, it also made me angry at the same time. Calder had a hold on him that Ricky found hard to break. Due to the abusive, mind-bending clutch this man had on Ricky, he was unable to completely break free even after they’d split up because the memories, the ingrained feelings he had when with Calder, had remained. It takes a relatively short time to convince an already vulnerable person they’re worthless, a long time to accept, once you’re out of that relationship, that you’re not worthless, and an even longer time to get those “lessons” the abusive person had taught you, out of your head. So Ricky had, and still has, a road to travel, but with Dan by his side, I’m confident Ace did his job and helped these two walk forward into a better, happier life.

BEST BITS: …jumping in and out of human bodies for a laugh… (LOL)

…creating small dark licks… (The use of dark here was brilliant.)

The misery was a sickening taste in my mouth. (Fab!)

…a change of intimate equipment. (LOL)

…savouring the taste of something other than ale. (Whoop!)

…like a bunch of gnarled apples fallen from the same tree. (FanTASTIC! Line)

Beer-brave bastards. (Oh, Ms. London is so cool with words.)

Yeah, I remembered, a good size.

To go by choice, not just to be warm and dry. (This made me cry.)

But as he turned tail and scarpered down the alley, he took the time to look back over his shoulder. (This line gave a great image, stark and fresh in my mind, but it’s also a moment that makes you teeter on crying.)

I see it like a civic duty. (LOL)

VERDICT: I know we say this a lot here at Miz Love, that the books are all fab, great, brilliant, but it’s true. Every book we’ve had sent in so far has suited one of us right down to the ground. I’ve been so lucky (yet again!) in choosing The Tourist, and I recommend it for all M/M romance readers out there. I learned about four people, all different, each with their own tale to tell, and as well as loving Dan and Ricky, I’ll confess I fell a bit in love with Ace too. I’m hoping this turns into a series. I wanted more. I want to read about all the people Ace jumps into—and because I’d get to spend some time with Ace himself again. He’s adorable.
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