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Hellbent by Cherie Priest
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May 17, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy-urban, vampires, lgbt
Read from October 12 to 14, 2011

Penis bones.

That's how this book starts. With Penis Bones and Antiques Roadshow.

You'd think with something that funny this book would be as good as Bloodshot, which was a fun romp, whose humor more than made up for the flaws.

Sadly, this book is a disappointment.

What humor there is simply recycled from the first volume. Adrian, who seemed so alive in the first book, seems totally a cipher here. Raylene seems to have taken stupid pills.

And for the record, just because someone rescues a kitten doesn't mean she is a big old good hearted softee who wouldn't really hurt a fly. There were some mean bastards who were very nice to thier pets. It is a stupid, lazy writing short-cut. (What's next, hamster rescuing?) (Actually, it occured to me after I clicked on this too fix something, that maybe the penis bones are for the kitten cause he might need them).

In terms of the plot, there is, paradoixcally, too much going on and not enough. A good portion of the book is simply repeating the following facts ad nasuem (1)Raylene has OCD (2) Adrian is a good drag queen who has a really big piece of equipment that he tuck away (3) plot points that you just saw played out. Honestly, even giving leeway for a plot rehash for anyone who reads the books out of order, there seems to be a large amount of words that don't need to be there. Even Raylene seems to see this for she keeps saying she didn't mean to mention it (so, honey, why did you?).

The whole resolution of Penis Bones (what would Monty Python could've done with that) does not make sense. I'm glad that Priest kept Raylene's dark side, sorta. But taking in Elizabeth doesn't make sense. It really doesn't.

In the first book, there were few over used urban fantasy cliches, here there are too many. And honestly, anyone with half a brain can figure out the solution to Ian's problem long before the end, like right when it gets mentioned.

The book is flat, it misses the charm, the humor, the sparkle of the first (and no, I'm not refering to Adrian's throng) is gone. Even parts that should be emotional, lack the emotion they should have. There are glimmers of Priest and her better work (like Dreadful Skin) here and there, but the book is flat. And I know writing is hard. I know people get tired, burnt out, overworked. I know. This book doesn't make me swear off Priest, and I will get the next one. But someone - Priest or more importantly her secondary readers or editor - should've noticed something.
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Penis bones.

I just like saying it.

Chris I don't blame you.

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