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Ascension by Caris Roane
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May 16, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: magic-special-powers, vampires
Recommended for: Midnight Breed fans, Black Dagger Brotherhood fans
Read on June 20, 2011

3.5 stars: I was pleasantly surprised by this book from a new PNR author. I understand from her bio she wrote books under another name in a different genre. I haven't read anything else by her, but you can tell she's an experienced writer when reading her plot. She did a good job with the world building, letting the world build through actions and character discussions (rather than explaining every little thing and dragging the book down.) I liked the characters and overall storyline. I also liked the concept of the breh-hedden (ie, mate bond) as well as the scenting, mind merge and blood sharing aspects. The book was very simliar in style to Midnight Breeds and BDB. Good mix of action, suspense, drama and romance. I also liked the length of the book 461 pages. I'm a fast reader, so appreciate longer books!

One nit for me is that I had a hard time buying vampires with wings. I've read A LOT of vampire books, and wings just do not fit the established vampire mythos. (As a side note, sparkly vampires without fangs also bug me. LOL) I'm also not a fan of long hair and the gladiator-style costumes with kilts and sandals. I imagine winged warriors fighting in the air with kilts on, and people below them looking up their skirts!!! LOL Considering many of the death vampires are carrying guns, wouldn't some sort of armor and protective pants/boots make more sense? Granted, it'd have to be designed around the wings. And the heroine cried too much. But those are minor things really. What bugged me more were some big questions left unaddressed that I hope the author more clearly explains in the next book, for example:

1. I found it unrealistic that the Warriors of the Blood would be able to successfully continue their war with only seven brothers considering the size of the army they are facing. I realize they are supplemented by the Militia Warriors, but with 4 MW warriors needed PER dark vampire those are not good odds. Why aren't there more Warriors of the Blood? Where do they come from? I got the impression they are different somehow than the ascendants they guard. I even read the Ascension Terminology at the back of the book, and it also wasn't clearly explained there.

2. What makes a human a candidate for ascension? I know they start to have the dreams and also have special powers, but why? It wasn't explained how the human race relates to the vampire races. Did all of the vampires in the other dimensions originally come from mortal earth? I don't think so, but yet the relationships between the races were not well explained.

Overall this was a good first book in a new series and I look forward to reading the next books:
Burning Skies (World of Ascension, #2) by Caris Roane Wings of Fire (World of Ascension, #3) by Caris Roane Born of Ashes (World of Ascension, #4) by Caris Roane
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