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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth
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May 16, 2011

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Recommended by our pediatrician

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message 1: by rivka (new)

rivka Very soon, yes?

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian was very disappointed by this book. it didn't really give concrete advice that we could follow. strongly suggest checking out the 90-minute sleep solution as well.

message 3: by Otis (new) - added it

Otis Chandler Rivka: she came a week ago!

Brian: Our pediatrician said this book was more interesting for what it said about brain development - did you find that to be true?

Alexandra Some Mamas from my babies group also recommend the sleepeasy solution. It's hard to find what you really want to do until you know if you're okay with them crying it out a little. I never could imagine letting my daughter cry it out when she was very little but as she got older I was kind of okay with it. You have a couple of months anyway, no sleep training before 3 months :)

message 5: by Brian (new)

Brian eh, i don't recall the brain development sections of this book. I recommend What's Going on in There? : How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life for that.

message 6: by rivka (new)

rivka Otis wrote: "Rivka: she came a week ago!"

Congrats! baby

Also, our grapevine is SERIOUSLY lacking. ;P

message 7: by Brinton (new)

Brinton I found this book to be exceptionally interesting in terms of WHY sleep is important and brain development and all the rest. Agreed regarding step-by-step advice on sleep-training there are other better options (although without this background one might not know the 'why' behind what they're doing). Many call this the sleep 'bible' - I agree. There are other great books I'd more aptly call "sleep training for dummies".

Alexandra Otis, for brain development and behavior, The Wonder Weeks is a must read. It helps you understand what's going on with your little one and even suggests games you can play with her to help her deal with those developmental leaps. Those leaps start pretty early, so start reading soon ;)

message 9: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan rivka wrote: "Otis wrote: "Rivka: she came a week ago!"


Also, our grapevine is SERIOUSLY lacking. ;P"


Seriously lacking grapevine, yes!

message 10: by Maureen (new)

Maureen This is my baby sleep BIBLE! It worked for two of my kids.

Key takeaways: THE TWO HOUR RULE...baby needs be put asleep after being awake for two hours. This was true for the first 3 months until my babies were able to stay awake a bit longer.

DON'T FEED TO SLEEP EXCEPT AT NIGHT! Feed baby when she wakes up. Then do some activity. Then rock baby to sleep (or whatever you do to soothe her).

There is a lot of repetition in this book but I found it to be so good for my kids. I also read the No Cry Sleep Solution which had some good tips.

message 11: by Brian (new)

Brian maureen, interesting, we used 90 minutes as the sleep rule and it worked perfectly for us. i guess you need to figure out what the right interval is for your little one! :)

message 12: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Absolutely! I read HSHHC while breastfeeding my first son...I started implementing right away. I also used tips from a couple other books but HSHHC just made sense to me with the 2 hour rule being tantamount.

Also, there's nothing better than advice from other sleep deprived parents!!!!! WE all live through that time, but it can be tough. :)

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