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The Web of Titan by Dom Testa
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While not quite as fast paced and interesting as the first book, I did enjoy this one and will definitely read the next one. I think part of the lack for me was the disconnection with Earth and the missing physical immediacy of the danger. Otherwise, the adventure was fairly solid and the science fiction aspect fascinating.
I loved the fact that the author obviously researched enough to make things believable, but didn't bog down the story with detailed descriptions that didn't fit in with the rest of the plot. It was excellent that he chose to make the aliens not only non-humanoid, but non-human in their behavior as well. It would give away too much if I went into a lot of detail, but the Cassini are very obviously not at all like the human race and thus don't think like us. It's very difficult to write about aliens especially without either providing too much or too little information about their background and history, but the author does an excellent job with this race.
The biggest issue I had was the romantic tension between Bon, Triana and Gap. I don't remember Bon and Triana doing more than hugging at a critical moment in the last book. That could have been an entirely friendly gesture and needn't have set off all the angst that Gap and Triana were displaying at different stages in the book. Bon does exhibit some uncertainty about the state of his relationship with Tree as well, which given his character and what he goes through in the book, was a bit forced to me. In truth, the author seems to be trying to insert a romance where one isn't naturally appearing while he is writing. The stuff with Gap's new interest later in the book works fairly well, although still a bit awkward, but Triana and Bon just feels thrown together for the sake of plot.
Again, I don't remember any cursing. There's even less violence in this one although there is the threat of them blowing up. There's a kiss or two, but nothing more than that. I think the hints about what teens might get up to in space alone were even mostly absent.
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