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Slow Burn by E.B. Walters
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May 15, 2011

really liked it

Slow Burn is an adult romance/mystery about Ashley Fitzgerald, a young woman who survived a horrific event as a child. She witnessed the death of her parents by fire, and survived the fire after being rescued by one of the firefighters. As an adult, she has blocked out the events of the fire and has moved on with her life through her art and the support of her family. When Ron Nobel shows up on Ashley’s doorstep, she has no clue as to how her life is about to change. Ron is the son of the firefighter who saved Ashley – and lost his life in the fire. After getting letters regarding the fire and raising suspicions as to the cause of the fire, Ron decides to do some investigating on his own and seeks out Ashley in hopes of convincing her to help him by sharing what she remembers from the events of that night. The attraction between Ron and Ashley is immediate. However, their relationship is doomed almost from the start. Ron is hiding the purpose of the investigation from Ashley, his mother hates Ashley and blames her for the death of Ron’s father, and someone is determined to keep Ron and Ashley from uncovering the truth. As key players in that fateful night begin to die and the danger gets closer and closer to Ashley and Ron, we have to wonder - Will their relationship survive the obstacles in its path? Will Ron and Ashley be successful in their quest for justice?

I really enjoyed reading Slow Burn. I’m a reader who has to be drawn into a book from the very start or I can’t get through it. Slow Burn is definitely one of those books that sucks you right in. When Ron appears on Ashley’s door step, she thinks he is the model she has been waiting for to pose for her erotic paintings. It’s a great scene, during which you learn a lot about both characters. I think I may have fallen for Ron a bit during that very first encounter – and I’m quite sure Ashley did too, although she wouldn’t have admitted that. Both main characters are well developed, strong characters. Ashley is easy to identify with. I love her creative side and loving side, but she is also such a strong woman. She’s not one to hide behind her man, and I loved that about her. As for Ron, he’s just hot. Ok, he’s not JUST hot. He’s got the whole package – he’s smart, determined, and sexy as hell, plus he’s got that whole alpha male thing going on, which I love. The story itself is fast paced and keeps the reader guessing. I am usually quick to guess the villain, but I kept going back and forth with the real arsonist on this one right up until the end.

While it wasn’t an “OMG, I can’t put it down or stop thinking about it!” book, it was a fun read. There were times that the story felt flat, and over use of the word must gave some of the scenes an overly dramatic feel. But overall, it was an engaging story with characters that stayed with me. In my experience with books in a series, the first book usually draws me in, but I find that the books get better and better as the series continues. I am anticipating that to be the case with the Fitzgerald Family series. I want more of Ashley and Ron, and I’m looking forward to reading more about this close-knit family. So, my final verdict… If you’re looking for a steamy romance with strong characters and a plot that keeps you guessing, then you should definitely give Slow Burn a chance!
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