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Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
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Jun 24, 2017

it was amazing
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NOTE: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE INFERNAL DEVICES TRILOGY. Spoilers for Clockwork Princess will be marked, but there's going to be references to plot points in the previous books. So, if you haven't read TID I don't know why you're here, tbh. JUST GO READ IT nooow.



This book was a total whirlwind of emotions and death and blood and MAGNUS OMG.

Honestly, Magnus Bane is kind of like the best thing that has ever happened to me, if we're going to be completely real. I will read anything with Magnus in it. I will. This is me right here promising that I will even though future me is probably screaming at my current self to shut up and stop making promises because what even is a promise like holy crap. We did a whole section of content on promises in my ethics class and it was BRUTAL because now my soul is a dead and shriveled thing because promises are scary. OKAY MOVING ON.

I had a weird fleeting memory of a thing that happened when I was reading this. I have tried to read this book about 3 times over, and now I remember why I kept putting it off. I was spoiled for what happens in this book in regard to Tessa's choice between Jem and Will and what happens to the unchosen one. That being said, I didn't get to appreciate the FULL emotional impact of the end of this story, but I still felt a lot a things. However, my tear ducts continue to remain shriveled. BUT FEELINGS HAPPENED, I PROMISE.

Alright, it’s time to makes lists because lists are orderly and (kind of) make sense


- CHARLOTTE BRANWELL IS LOVELY and heck fracken yes to that character development omg. Charlotte is just over here redefining what it means to be a woman in the Shadowhunter world in the face of annoyingly rampant sexism. She is the best. She does the right thing. She GROWS. I mean, damn, she’s what, 24?? YOU GO, CHARLOTTE. I LOVE YOU.
- When Magnus meets Henry and sees all of his inventions and is immediately like, wow you must be so super respected by all the shadowhunters I WAS SQUEALING BECAUSE IT WAS SO FRACKEN CUTE OMG. I have always loved Henry with a ferocity that frightens away crocodiles. He’s adorable and he just doesn’t get social norms a lot and he has red hair, but seriously, the man is a genius for the love of plums. When he got that sheer amount of immediate respect my heart was singing and I was like um thank you FINALLY.
- I loved the letters we got to see being sent back and forth between everyone. I lost track of how many times I snorted at what Gideon and Gabriel had wrote.
- Also, can we please talk about Gideon hiding scones under his bed because he didn’t know how else to get Sophie to talk to him because OMG I CAN’T.
- Dialogue, as always, was witty and hilarious and snarky and this is my favorite thing about Cassandra Clare’s writing. However, it wasn’t as funny as it has been in the past. I mean, I guess more serious things were going on this time but I wanted more sarcasm. Pls more. Especially from Will who was being a floppy tomato.


- As mentioned above, give me more RAZOR-SHARP SNARK.
- This book was so fracken long and I felt it this time. Usually I’m like ok, this is a Shadowhunters book prepare your eyeballs for the page number apocalypse, but it dragged just a little teeny tiny bit. This could be related to my status of being a spoiled plum, but STILL.
- UM ALSO (view spoiler)

OVERALL I really enjoyed this book. I had so much fun. Then I had my heart torn out. Then I had fun again. Basically, I was reduced to a small puddle of what was once a human. YAY FOR FEELINGS???

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