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Solomon's Jar by Alex Archer
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May 14, 2011

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I'm finding it hard to believe that she can't seem to go anywhere without having someone try and kill her. I don't think there is a single location in the entire course of this book that she left without some fight forcing her to disappear before the authorities arrive. The fight sequences are very detailed and imaginative and she seems to get as much as she gives in some of them so it's not like she's this awesome fighter that no one can beat, it's just that she spends so much of the book doing it.

I'd also like to see more of her research. In this book she spent all this online research time on an individual and I enjoyed learning about that character through her research, but so far in these two books her research on historical situations and artifacts comes almost exclusively from newsgroups (which, much like Wiki, must be verified by additional sources to be considered valid) and from individual accounts from mystical characters that just happen to come in contact with her. As an archaeologist, this is a fairly one-sided way of doing research. I understand it's boring in such an action packed book to throw in hours of research time, but I enjoyed it in The Historian.

It escaped my original notice that these books are put out by a romance publisher so I'm happily surprised that there is very little in the way of steamy scenes.... so far. I worry that like a few other series I've read in the past that this will change as the series goes on.

I think I'll read at least one or two more books to see if there is anything I can enjoy further in the series, but so far I haven't found any over-arching story line that seems to be pulling on me which could lead to the books becoming formulaic as she races from one mystical artifact to another fighting "Evil" along the way.

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message 1: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Yeah, when I see a series with 33 books, I start to think that they may not know how to end a story. :-)

Karen I have a friend who told me once to read at least three books for a new (one you haven't read before) author. If you read one then you run the risk of reading the one book that is the "exception to the rule" so you might be disappointed or pleasantly surprised by the additional two. If I had stopped with the first Percy Jackson book I wouldn't have considered finishing the series and wouldn't have enjoyed the last two books as much as I did.

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