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Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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** spoiler alert ** Was I the only one who got very confused during one of the ship battles and all the characters suddenly poofed onto another ship. No explanation, just "oh shit we's about to die" to "It went dark, then the light came back and they were all on one of the enemy ships"???? I wasn't sure if someone had a special ability or what the fuck was going on..
I know they transported later in the book but was that what happened the fist time? I read the pages 3 times before saying fuck it but maybe that's what happened. whatever....

I was also a wee bit annoyed at the fact that the author thinks the reader needed to be told every time someone was being sarcastic...I've read pretty much all of mrs Kenyons works, I expect sarcasm will be delivered, I am not so dumb that I don't understand when people are being smart with one another (hell, I'm King smartass in my family)

BUuutttt... the story was so-so. And as typical I'm more interested in the guys that aren't the main lovebirds. It was a tad bit repetitive as well: hero and heroine get into bind, escape by the skin of their nads, heal wounds, hero and heroine get into bind with +2 hot guys, escape by the skin of their nads, heal wounds, hero and heroine get into bind with +4 hot guys, yada yada yada..they fall in love... the end.. everyones happy all the good guys live, all the baddies are bludgeoned to death.
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message 1: by Robin (new) - added it

Robin U should write, u funny lol lol lol

Vick thanks! i do try, but i'm an incredible procrastinator and have an ADHD problem of never being able to finish more than a page of ideas. maybe sometime, in a decade or two.. hopefully sooner.

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