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The Sandman by Neil Gaiman
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Endless entertainment!

This volumen is a special presenting short stories featuring each member of The Endless.

The general rating is an average sum of the ratings given to each story contained in this comic book.

All stories are written by Neil Gaiman.

A very amusing thing is that while each story is focused in a member of The Endless (the family of Morpheus, the Lord of Dream), you may be able to appreciate how each other member of The Endless causes some level of impact in some way or another, and without a doubt while The Endless are the protagonist of their short stories, you can’t deny the importance of people. Without people, The Endless are nothing, they couldn’t even exist.


Rating: **** ( 4 stars )

Illustrator: P. Craig Russell

I missed you… so badly.

In this story, Death is waiting for a door to be open again and getting throught it, a very special door.

A man who has been blessed with watching Death (when it’s not still his time) will be key to this.

An interesting tale about various lives when they encounter a perfect day.

How tempting is to live always in a perfect day?


Rating: ***** ( 5 stars )

Illustrator: Milo Manara

Follow your heart.

A woman wants to be loved by someone in the same way that she’d love that someone too.

Ooooh, that’s good that she didn’t want anything hard! Geez!

Desire meets that woman and he/she shows to the woman her inner nature. That helped her to define her path in life.

Is it possible to have anything you want in life?


Rating: ***** ( 5 stars )

Illustrator: Miguelanxo Prado

Just because a name is used by the young doesn’t make it foolish.

Easily the best story in the bunch.

Morpheus invites his girlfriend, Killalla of the Glow, to a very important parliament where the high powers will discuss and delimitate their own reaches, domains, responsibilities and obligations.

All the Endless are invited, along with many other high powers, like Stars, Faerie, Dimensions.

Organic life is quite at minimum in the universe. Most planets are asleep yet.

Dream and Desire are still close to each other, but you will find out the reason of their distancing.

Delight is still Delight, not yet Delirium.

Destruction is still in his post.

Despair, mmh… Despair is there too.

Destiny and Death will do brief appearances.

You will have a real treat meeting the stars of Rao, Sto-Oa, Sol, etc…

How to refuse such priceless invitation?


Rating: ** ( 2 stars )

Illustrator: Barron Storey (with such last name, he shouldn’t be a writer?)

Original design: Dave McKean

Her sigil is the hooked ring.

A very bizarre graphic narrative that I guess its intention is to provoke a sense of despair.

Well, what else could you expect from this Endless member?


Rating: ** ( 2 stars )

Illustrator: Bill Sienkiewicz

She’s still inside.

A very delirious tale about pain and how to deal with it.

Certainly, you hadn’t expected anything coherent from her, mmh?


Rating: **** ( 4 stars )

Illustrator: Glenn Fabry

Hey. Have you had any experience? With ruins?

I’ve certainly made my share of them.

A female arqueologist is invited to investigate a strange mountain, a mountain that it wasn’t there just a year ago, and where you find impossible things while digging.

Destruction already left his post, but he is still around and he finds to develop an interest on the arqueologist.

How Destruction can resist a woman who makes a living on digging destroyed things?


Rating: **** ( 4 stars )

Illustrator: Frank Quitely

He did not create the path you walk.

A simple but effective tale explaining the role and the burden of the oldest member of The Endless.

How could you resist to take a peek in a book where you could know everything that happened but also everything that will happen about you or anybody else?

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message 1: by Jessica's (new)

Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession Awesome review sweetie :)

Char Great review! I'm about to start #9.

Alejandro Jessica's wrote: "Awesome review sweetie :)"

You're so much kind, Jessica! Thanks! :D

Alejandro Charlene wrote: "Great review! I'm about to start #9."

Thank you! And truly glad to know that you're already in the ninth volume :D

Alejandro Paul wrote: "Wonderful review! I'm a die hard Gaiman fan and this is where it all started with me! 20+ years ago...there I was, with a Sandman book in my hands!"

Awesome :D So good that you never has been out of Sandman to read ;)

Thank you for your kind comment!

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