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The Mountain's Call by Caitlin Brennan
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Mar 02, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: romance, fantasy, never_to_finish

** spoiler alert ** Gah, what a terrible book. I mean, I didn't expect this to be any good, but it was written well enough that I couldn't just toss it without at least trying to read it.

Some thoughts:

The female prejudice the Horse Master peoples had was not convincing, especially since it was stated that plenty of magic schools elsewhere were packed with females. It wasn't the society as a whole that had a problem with women in power. It was just that one magic horse-riding club out in the mountains, holding out as the only misogynistic pigs in the land.

For some strange reason, the lead female constantly thought her eventual One-True-Love was "infuriating" and hated his guts, even though he didn't do anything to get on her nerves besides keeping their relationship on a professional level. And oh, not blab to his mysoginistic comrades that she was a girl in disguise and even fighting on her behalf to let him teach her instead of kicking her out of the school.

Somewhere in the middle of the book, her eventual One-True-Love gets tortured and raped (mentally with magic and physically) by a black KKK-masked "Brother of Pain". The female lead stages a rescue, jumps into bed with him to prevent hyphothermia, where upon they enthusiastically get it on, despite, yanno, the guy still bloody, recently butt-raped, and barely able to speak much less walk. Please, someone tell me, would YOU want to be touched if you recently went through MIND RAPE and SODOMY?

They were so busy that night, they forgot that the bad guys were STILL AFTER THEM. So they get caught. Again. Lover-boy gets tortured. Again. *tosses book in trash*

I haven't had much luck in the romance department, and not without trying. I've tried Nora Roberts and sporked my eyes out; I've tried Danielle Steele and dropped from boredom; I've tried at least 5 different inspirational ones and gagged from the cheese. I've cycled through various chick-lit ones with varying degrees of eye-rolling. And now this. I think I'm about ready to declare that romance as a genre is filled with inferior writers, and it's just not worth digging through the trash to find the gems.
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Angela R. If you were looking for a romance novel, this was not it. It was meant to be a fantasy. Anyway, I had the same reaction to the sexual choices Valeria made the 1st time I read the book. But re-reading it later in life, I realized that the choices she made were much more complex than they seemed at casual glance. Sorry it wasn't your thing, but her choices were not so simple as you make it sound.

Pygmy Hi, I wasn't approaching this book as a romance novel per se. I am a fantasy/sci-fi fan first, and only recently started exploring romances. I thought since this book was a hybrid (the Luna imprint is a branch of Harlequin, versus straight-up fantasy/sci-fi lines such as Tor), it would be a good starting-off point. But I found that it was the romance elements that destroyed what could otherwise be an ok fantasy story. It's mostly in romance where I see the sex-as-a-cure-for-all-evils. And even the poorest written fantasy novel I've read was never so stupid as to have the characters forget to escape because they were so busy shagging.

That said, your reading list makes me nostalgic. It's been awhile since I read Mercedes Lackey...

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