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Lightless by C.A. Higgins
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it was ok

While reading Lightless, I couldn't help but think of another novel I read earlier this year - Admiral, by another first time author, Sean Danker. Both novels are futuristic, space-based thrillers that limited the scope of the action to a relatively confined space, while gradually revealing bits and pieces of a larger framework. Admiral is a superior book for any number of reasons, but the key difference is that at the end of Admiral, I really couldn't wait to see what Danker had in store for us next. I wanted more, and it couldn't come soon enough. With Lightless, I am utterly ambivalent about what comes next.
Some of this ambivalence has to do with the humdrum world-building and pedestrian plotting, but mostly I think it is the uninspiring, one dimensional characters, making obvious choices with transparent motivations. I don't care what happens to them, so I don't care what happens after the last page sets up the sequel.
The highest praise I can offer this novel is that it is not boring or offensively stupid.
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Trike Weird, the things I hated most about this book was that it was both boring AND offensively stupid.

The guy who designed the ship put the killswitch inside the chamber that holds a black hole! Then he falls in and dies! Because it's a black hole! I re-read that section three times to see if I missed anything.

It was like that scene in Galaxy Quest where they have to run through the Chompers and then the Fire Jets: "Why are there Chompers?!" "Because it was in the TV show." "This episode was BADLY WRITTEN!"

I think Higgins aspires to that level of inanity.

message 2: by Tom (new) - rated it 1 star

Tom Julian i found the book really boring and tension-less

Gary Tom wrote: "i found the book really boring and tension-less"

I do agree that most of the conflict in the story was contrived and uninteresting, and therefore lacked dramatic tension.

Aristotle Ok this review i agree with. Lightless was soulless.

Gary Aristotle wrote: "Ok this review i agree with. Lightless was soulless."


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