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Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati
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May 13, 2011

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I was so excited to see the names of the characters in the first 10 pages. This is sequel to 'Last of the Mohicans' sorta. It's a continuation of the Daniel Day Lewis movie, not the book, not the Masterpiece Theater mini-series.[return][return]A very predictable romance in a wonderful story and time period. Nice tie-in with the 'Outlander' series. If you can't get enough of those, and who can? This might tide you over until the next Gabaldon book. The heroine was pretty much a stock character, but a sympathetic one.[return][return]I couldn't help casting various actors and actors in my head for the movie version.[return][return]Favorite quotes;[return][return]She put her hands in her lap to steady them. The thrill of telling her true feeling without considering good manners or the propriety of what she had to say was intoxicating. With more calm than she felt, she met her father's horrified gaze.[return][return]What a terribly awkward thing it is to be English.[return][return]But he knew that her own anger was as deep and unfathomable as her sorrow, and that words -- his words -- would not help right now.[return][return]"I was not raised to faint."[return]"I have never fainted in my life," "I will not start now."[return]"I would be surprised if you did."[return]"Then why do you coddle me so?"[return]"because you carry [someones] son, grandson and great-grandson."[return][return]"Luck is for the unprepared and the mediocre."[return][return]"It was good to be alone again."[return][return]"Grief will not recall thy father to thee, but by thy conduct thou canst revive him to the world."[return][return]"He's a dreamer" "He lives in other worlds and comes into this one only when he has some purpose to serve."[return][return]This was a nice light book to read after the weightier 'Wilderness at Dawn'

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