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Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly
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May 13, 2011

liked it
bookshelves: angels, fast-paced, goody-two-shoes, series-worth-following, sweet

3 1/2 stars. An enjoyable read with a different take on angels

I liked:
>> the concept of angels actually being the bad guys. Like all bad guys they have some good seeds as well or everything would truly have been lost
>> Willow's voice and the fact that it did not take her forever to accept what she was and what was going on - too many books and films have useless pages and minutes spent on denial of what is staring the main characters in the face
>> that both Alex and Willow needed to visit facilities once in a while - it made the whole being on the run so much more believable
>> the sweet relationship evolving, even though it was a little too sweet at times. Alex and Willow don't like each other at first but they are not silly or rude and eventually come to re-evaluate and appreciate each other (and themselves)
>> that both the main characters were vulnerable and not superhumans/human hybrids, even though they are gifted with special qualities/talents

what did not work so well for me:
>> Alex is seventeen (17) when the book begins and has been working for the CIA for several years, driving a luxury car... I buy that he has been brought up in a very different setting to most 17-year-olds and I do not doubt his proficiency with fire arms but I have a hard time with the secret CIA AK setup
>> on the subject of the AK - it is not very well explained (IMO) how the whole thing started, something to do with Alex's dad being an expert on chakras and experimenting and investigating
>> Willow being so beautiful and still not having ever been asked on a date (I understand Alex surprise at finding this out) simply because she is considered Queen Freak - she tinkers with cars and gives psychic readings...

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, I would like to find out if Jonah plays a bigger part, what is going to happen with Beth, how Raziel will deal with the new situation. Also, I have a dodgy feeling about Sophie.
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