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Where Angels Fall by Chris Stewart
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May 12, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from May 12 to 27, 2011

The war continues on….I loved that about this book. It’s so fun to see the war that started in heaven resume in earth life; same battle, but different setting. But not just any setting: the world during the last days is cruel, brutal and heartless, filled with hard-hearted, merciless and even vicious people. People have forgotten who they are in God’s kingdom and have given up searching for truth. They seek only power and worldly honor. The fight is intensifying, increasing, and growing as Satan tries harder and harder to win over the valiant children of God one soul at a time.
What’s crazy about this book is that we see it happening and unfolding RIGHT NOW! This book is not about what the world WILL be like, but what IS like and IS becoming.
It’s very interesting to see Satan’s power and control over people vs. God’s power and protection. I love how you get to see behind the scenes. You get to see how Satan will try to tempt you and whisper to you what you previously knew was wrong. The insight into Satan is frightening, believable, and sheds an interesting light on the subject. Satan’s influence on certain world leaders is chilling!!! The trust and complete give-in to the devil is pointed out many times. It’s very scary to see how Chris Stewart imagines him and what thoughts he could try to give us. Why is this scary? Because it’s so real! We’ve all have recognized those feelings when we read this book, and it makes us realize how much we have to protect ourselves and to keep ourselves from adhering to them, and to instead follow the spirit.
The two colliding forces in this book are good and evil. Both are depicted very well and realistically. The hate, control, and lust for power are strong aspects of this book. So much so that it was almost stilling. Personally, there was too much killing and violence. I know that that’s how real life is, and Stewart is just trying to open our eyes, but there was so much extreme and ugly deaths. So much cruel and nasty tortures (that only continue in the next book) that it was very disturbing. Yeah, that’s the world for ya, but do we really have to emphasize it?
Also, I wish there was a little less military information. I know this is essential to understanding how it all works, but I found myself getting a little bored with the constant mention of F-16s, Airspeed, Altitude and crosshairs on a target. It made me chuckle though, when I found out that Chris Stewart was an Air fighter himself. That little bit about him is definitely portrayed in his books!
Many people say his characters are shallow…..this confuses me. When compared to the other books I’ve read (or started to read) his characters are amazing! I loved how every personality was different and unique.
What I love about ALL of Chis Stewarts books is that they get you thinking. Especially this book, as you are introduced to the same characters on their earthly journey, I found myself asking, why was I sent here—at this time—and what is my role? Who was I before I came to earth? How bad is Satan trying to tempt me? What is my potential? I’ve learned books that get you to ask questions are always the books you learn from. Of course, you COULD focus on all the cheezy or unreal parts, but I really think anyone who tries, will get something good out of this book!
This is a must read for everyone!!!


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