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Political Theology II by Carl Schmitt
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message 1: by Joe (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joe I've read this slim volume twice. I should review it. I hesitate because it is a polemic against Erik Peterson, and his book hasn't been translated.

message 2: by straygray (new) - added it

straygray I haven't read it yet, but I'm curious to see what he says about the subject in his later period. To be frank, I don't read German at the moment, so I'm not familiar with Peterson. What would you say is the general thesis of the text (Schmitt's, that is, although you're welcome to tell me the general thesis of Peterson's, too, if you wish)?

message 3: by Joe (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joe Until Jesus returns there must be Politics. The notion that Christianity can live without a political Theology is a delusion. The only way this could be true is if Christians stopped wanting to effect the world. Even, according to Schmitt, the question 'who interprets?' is a political question. The Theologian Peterson, again according to Schmitt, holds that political theology is either pagan, Jewish or heretical. Schmitt shows convincingly that this cannot be the case.
Furthermore, in the postscript he explains that stasis means 'quiesence, tranquility, standpoint, status' but on the other hand it also means 'unrest, movement, uproar and civil war'. A bit later he adds that at "the heart of the doctrine of Trinity we encounter a genuine politico-theological stasiology. Thus the problem of enmity and of the enemy cannot be ignored." So you see, there is more to the argument than the 'sublunary' world.
Although I am sure he doesn't mind being taken as only speaking of this world. As always with Schmitt, there is more than one thing going on.

message 4: by straygray (new) - added it

straygray I see. Well, I'm taking a seminar in the fall on Schmitt, so I'll have to make the time to take a look at this (which I was planning to do anyway).

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