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Taurus by Kim Faulks
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Jun 23, 2016

it was amazing
Read on August 17, 2016

We were the guardians of the ancient gods. 5 RED ZODIACS

Be the bull and the dragon. Be fierce. Be strong, and most of all, be brave. WOW! Talk about one UNBULLIEVABLY ZODIACELICIOUS book! This BLOODLETTERY PAWERFUL story gets top marks for originality, uniqueness and creativity! Any preconceived notions I might have had before starting this book were shattered almost immediately! It was NOTHING like I expected, and that is a FANTABULOUS thing and one of the many, Many, MANY things I love, Love, LOVE about this book! I was intrigued and so very excited to read this book that once I started I couldn’t put it down until I reached those 2 nasty words I despise = The End! It felt like I was almost hypnotized by the story, I was THAT enthralled with it, in it and by it! In fact, I was also so wrapped up in the characters & action that I didn't even make review notes!! So I went back and read it again! It was just as FANGTASTIC the second time, if not even more so! I don't even know how or where to begin to share my thoughts! With everything that is going on in this story, every character, every single detail no matter how small or large, has its own role to play in bringing the Guardians of the Stars to life! Kim’s writing style with her lush & vivid descriptions deeply enriches the story so much so that I feel like I can actually see the people, the trees & mansion, the sky, etc. and that I can actually hear & feel everything going on around me regardless if I am Marcus and/or Abrial! The story is further enriched and given even more depth with Kim’s multifaceted characters that not only transported me into the story, I was submerged so deep into it to the point where I felt connected not only to Marcus & Abrial, but also with every other character who *appears* to be on my side of the good vs evil scale. The characters are so commanding and well developed, it’s like they DEMAND I become them so that I truly LIVE their story, experience everything with them, share their pain, their happiness, their anger and rage, and every other facet possible! The attention to detail, the complex & intricate storylines & characters are expertly interwoven together to create a... story? book? neither of those words are sufficient enough to give it justice.. it TRULY is a TAIL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!! Your line starts and ends with you. Kim is the Creator! The Creator of all things dark, shadowy, bright, full of life, soft, fluffy, hard, thorny, beautiful, intense, powerful… well… Kim is the Creator of EVERYTHING in this SHIFTACULAR Zodiac Dragon series! To be able to write a book of this caliber, this complex, and yet still have it flow so smoothly from character to character, scene to scene, without being too complicated or busy, takes a astronomically talented author! But to also have it be just one small sign of the much larger Zodiac picture (not that I'm saying Marcus is small!) also needs an exceptionally gifted author. Kim Faulks is that author!! And that’s no bull! wink I thought the saying went "red bull gives you wings" not "red bull HAS wings" LMBO I cannot tell you how happy I am to read a darker, shadowy kind of story that is intense, fast but perfectly paced and that is also the first in the series of what I am hoping is at least 12 books long! After all, there are 12 Zodiac signs. :-) Since I am a very impatient reader, my initial plan was to hold off until a few books were released so that I could do a mini binge read and not have to wait on releases. HA! Now that I have read it – twice - I couldn’t wait any longer and started & finished Aquarius immediately after I finished Taurus and will happily and enthusiastically devour - I mean read - them again & again with each new release in this scrumptious Guardians of the Stars series! There will be a sacrifice. There will be blood… and there will be torment. Are you ready for that?

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