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Jupiter War by Neal Asher
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it was amazing
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Jupiter War brings to a conclusion the Owner trilogy. It has been one of the grittiest hard sci-fi series I've ever encountered. It is sometimes foul, sometimes graphically violent and always exciting and interesting. Strangely the author seems to be able to drive reviewers with a very liberal ideologue's outlook absolutely batshit, thus an added bonus. I won't spoil the book by telling you much, this is worth reading for yourself.

Always remember Mr. Asher's world is the antithesis of the utopian worldview often espoused. If anything he is the anti-Gene Roddenberry. The world is severely overpopulated, polluted, and the nanny state has become a tyrannical oppressive state. While many tend to wax rhapsodic about socialism, they tend to forget that what starts as socialism tends over time to become something far more noxious and then eventually lethal. The division of the world into ZA's (Zero Assets) and SA (State Assets)- a subdivision based on your ability to contribute to the State and then resource allocation based thereupon, should chill those who blithely await the government to provide them with everything from education to health care to retirements...because one day when the populations become so large that such a system can't possibly be maintained...THEN the Nanny State becomes something much worse.
The Orwellian Committee that runs earth has had real world precedents both on the right and the left. His nightmare scenario of ID implants, cams covering every bit of urban sprawl, "adjustments" to correct peoples behavior all backed up by Inspectorate Enforcers, Spiderguns, Sheperds, Razorbirds, etc...and the explanations he gives for how they gradually came about are quite feasible. So this could serve as a sci-fi or even a poli-sci-fi.

Mr. Asher's character of the Owner (Alan Saul) is a truly fascinating character. Never, except for the first part of the first book, is he that sympathetic a character since from the first book he is something far more than human. By this final book, he is truly a Hyper AI...only very, very loosely to be described as human. But while Saul, doesn't elicit much empathy, you'll find yourself rooting for this emotionless, yet implacably correct hero.

There are so many things that I would like to speak about but it would ruin the twists and turns in this final book. All I can say is, if you like hard-sci fi and want a world different than the utopian "everything is going to AWESOME in the future" of Gene Roddenberry..this is a great alternative. It does for sci-fi, in his odd vision, what G.R.R. Martin did for fantasy. It's a more mature, adult, grim take on a common theme. Glad I found and read this series....
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