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really liked it
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Read 2 times. Last read June 12, 2017 to July 17, 2017.

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Buddy read with Maks
Understanding begets empathy and compassion, even for the meanest beggar in the meanest city of Alagaësia.

The battle against Galbatorix' army in the dwarvan mountain realm was only the cusp of the war looming ahead. Now that Eragon and Saphira's presence is becoming known across Alagaësia, enemies arise at every turn.

Strategy, politics, and duty threaten to delay Eragon's much needed journey to the northern region of the elves to train. As the first dragon rider in years, he has much to learn for the him impending meeting with the evil king himself. 

Roran, Eragon's cousin, finds himself in charge of the small village of Carvahall. Since Eragon's mysterious disappearance, the Ra'zac lurk around its borders, requesting the villagers to turn Roran over to them as he is now a fugitive to the empire. With this town, friends, and future family's lives on the line, Roran must utilize offensive tactics to defend those he holds dear. 

Time is of the essence, and each player has a vital part to play in this complex plot of treachery, suspense, intrigue, and magic. 


I was instantly reminded why this book is my least favorite in the series. The pacing is so slow throughout the first half of the book, and very gradually increases. Then the climax comes at the end and throws me off guard, every time with its unparalleled element of surprise.  

Eragon battles with himself throughout this entire book. Now at the awkward stage in his life where he transitions into a man, he battles with his growing feelings for Arya, insecurities, and immaturity. It's painful to watch him grapple with trying to understand why Arya and himself are not an appropriate fit, and I genuinely felt sorry for him. But there were times when I couldn't help think (and wish) that he'd just move on. 

Ironically enough, Saphira goes through a similar scenario, when she confronts the reality that she is the last surviving female dragon in Alagaësia. Out of desperation to rebuild her race, she too, makes foolish choices that have their consequences. 

Even though some of these characters' deliberations could be annoying necessary, I appreciated how it allowed the characters to show their age, experience, and understanding, which later on shows how much they have grown and matured throughout this series. 
He welcomed those limitations, for if he were perfect, what would be left for him to accomplish?

Most of use can agree that there are definite parallels between The Inheritance Cycle, and The Lord of the Rings. These similarities are especially obvious in Eldest. When Islanzadi is confronted about keeping Gleadr's existence a secret, she states, "I am diminished." It sounds almost exactly like the scene from LOTR when Galadriel says, "I will diminish, and go into the West..." (I think we all remember the scene from the movie.


The fact that Eragon spends so much time in Du Weldenvarden makes it impossible to not point out just how similar it is to Lothlórien. The universally established fact that elves possess strong ties to nature works against this series, as it handcuffs its creativity in ways. However, there are a few tell-tale differences (view spoiler)

For all of the points in this book that dissuade me, there are points equally as important, notable, and genuinely wise, and say a lot about how skilled Paolini truly is as an author. 

#1 Nasuada is a gem and shines brighter than all characters in this book. Although she is young, she is extremely capable. She has several opportunities to "show her age" and react before thinking. Alas, she doesn't. It just shows that youth are just as capable of leadership as adults. Not only that, her tremendous ability at looking at situations from all angles only aids her in her station. 

#2 I appreciate Paolini's approach on prejudice, and how common, and hindering it is. This is most obviously depicted towards the Urguals, (view spoiler) 

#3 I also appreciate how Paolini holds his characters accountable for their actions. Every action has a reaction, and a consequence. And these characters are faced with the products of their own doing many times over.

This book has great potential in teaching great lessons to its readers, which makes it a solid read, and addition to this series. 

Vulgarity: Only in dwarvish.
Sexual content: None, other that discussing the future existence of the dragon race.
Violence: Moderate, battles occur several times. But there isn't an overabundance of gore. 

3.5 stars.  
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Quotes Sheila Liked

Christopher Paolini
“A good compromise leaves everyone angry.”
Christopher Paolini, Eldest

Christopher Paolini
“Understanding begets empathy and compassion even for the meanest beggar - Oromis”
Christopher Paolini, Eldest

Christopher Paolini
“Power without moral direction is the most dangerous force in the world.”
Christopher Paolini, Eldest

Christopher Paolini
“Determination is as common among men who are dull and foolish as it is among those who are brilliant intellects.”
Christopher Paolini, Eldest

Christopher Paolini
“He welcomed those limitations, for if he were perfect, what would be left for him to accomplish?”
Christopher Paolini, Eldest

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BR tomorrow

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Lara xoxo good luck with BR

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Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: "BR tomorrow"


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Sorry late start

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how is the progress?

Sheila Goicea I haven't been reading this much :( But I'm going to make some headway on it today!

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any thoughts?

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how is it going?

Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: "how is it going?"

As said before, it's on the back-burner because I had deadlines for other books. Sorry, I'm a terrible buddy-reader. I will have it completed by next week Friday, however.

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Im worse for going ahead :p

Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: "Im worse for going ahead :p"

Nope. That's the point of reading --- to move forward. So go ahead and finish it if you like. Perhaps I'll try another buddy read when I have less deadlines and more free time.

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Nah its fine Im reading another 2 books so I can be plowing ahead with them ;)

Sheila Goicea Did you finish it?

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yep yesterday night

Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: "yep yesterday night"

Nice. What did you think? I'm ALMOST DONE.

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Almost? ahhahah lol well It was worth the re read I love the plot twist at the end!! Not sure if Ill review it…idk

Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: "Almost? ahhahah lol well It was worth the re read I love the plot twist at the end!! Not sure if Ill review it…idk"

Yeah. Any new thoughts on it? Or just a refresher

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well I kinda liked it more...I was squealing because I kmnow what will happen

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I might review it after all

Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: "I might review it after all"

Why not? Do it!

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Do you have any new thought?

Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: "Do you have any new thought?"

I'm currently writing a review. It will be up this evening. :)

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cant wait

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I will just steal your review anyways

Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: "I will just steal your review anyways"


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;) jk if what

Sheila Goicea Maks wrote: ";) jk if what"

Boom. It's up. I'm looking forward to reading yours! (If you write one.)

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lovely review…I will be late with mine things to do....

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Chick chick boom
quick review is up

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quick review is up"

:) great job

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Thank you!
I love your reviews

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I love your reviews"

Thanks! Your feedback is much appreciated.

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