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The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko
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May 11, 2011

it was amazing
Read in May, 2011

I have read a book called The Walls of the Universe. I enjoyed while I was reading this book, and I couldn’t stop turning the pages, and I would like to share my enjoyment after reading this book.
As this novel is a science fiction, the story starts with a parallel universe. This book talks about two youngsters which are named John and Prim John. The setting of this story was that these two boys with the same identity and outlook came from two different universes. Although the imaginative setting in the book could never happen in the reality and doesn’t seem interesting, this was in fact the reason why I love this story that much. I was fully attracted by the words the writer Melko used to describe the imaginative universes. As technology doesn’t allow us to travel universe to universe, the writer used lots of words describing the differences in two universes and did well in creating a virtual image to me. I felt I was really the person in the story and was jumping from one place to the next place together with the two Johns.
The story also attracted me with the betrayal of Prim. Although the concept of the infinite number of universes is across reality and doesn’t make sense, the inter-personal connection between John and Prim is what we can meet and see in the reality. I can’t agree more and was totally attracted by the words the book writer used in describing the in-heart feeling while John found that he was betrayed by Prim. The author of this book is also good at leaving the readers with some fascinating problems. This book has 40 chapters and the writer used some attractive links between chapters. This setting with the perfect story plot makes me couldn’t stop while I was reading.
This novel is no doubt is an attractive and interesting science novel, however there are several things that I felt disappointed. Firstly is the weak ending. In my opinion, this marvellous story ends in a brief way really has disappointed me. The story ends by simply talking about how John got that device work properly. Although people often say that the ending of a novel is the most interesting part, I rather was disappointed by the ending. Secondly, as the writer has to go back and forth while describing John and Prim’s journey, the story wasn’t smooth. Although the has well created a Utopia in this story about two characters, I felt a bid mess while the writer changed his point the another character. I think it would be much better if the writer could make the story more tightened up and make things clear
To conclude my whole feeling about the book, I totally enjoy this novel, as the book is very enjoyable. I hope that the there would be a follow-up book and what I expect would really happen.

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