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The Sword of Waters by Hilari Bell
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May 10, 2011

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The Sword of Waters is the second book in the Shield, Sword, and Crown trilogy by Hilari Bell. It takes place shortly after the first book but, where the first book was from the point of view of Weasel, this book is Arisa's story.

14-year-old Arisa hates court life, she hates the fancy dresses, the corsets, the balls, the other girls, but, most of all, she hates that Weasel is now best friends with Prince Edoran who she also hates. Her mother, the Falcon and now commander of the navy, suggests that she try to find the sword, which, like the shield of the first story, is seen as an important symbol by the country folk and is still missing. Soon, she, Weasel, and the prince are caught up in conspiracies which could bring down the new regent, the prince and even the kingdom.

This book is a YA fantasy but can easily be enjoyed by adults. It's fast-paced, fun, and the characters are likable. My only quibble is that old buggaboo of fantasy and horror stories - why didn't they tell someone. I spent large parts of the story annoyed that the three adolescents didn't tell any one of the several adults they trusted - so much could have been prevented. But, that aside, the story is charming enough that I was able to overlook this enough to still enjoy the adventure.

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