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23 Minutes In Hell by Bill Wiese
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OK, so now that I spilled the beans on how little I have read all my life, anyone that read my last book review knows that this would be book number 3 (Who moved my cheese, Jim Breuer, & 23 Minutes in Hell) but its actually number 4, but I will review the other one at a later time. I am still trying to figure out what I think of the book... Anyway, this book "23 Minutes in Hell" was excellent! A lot of people probably wouldn't believe the guy who writes it and I am kind of 50/50 and the more I read, the more I believed him. The first half of the book is pretty scary. Not scary like a scary fictional movie, but scary like a wake up call. It's about a guy who is a normal everyday middle class married guy who comes home from a meeting and during the night at 3:00AM he wakes up in Hell. I know, sounds like BS, but until you read this book, you cant really judge the storey accurately. He is there for 23 minutes, which seemed like a life time to him. When he was there he saw the damned souls screaming and burning and being tortured. When he arrived in Hell he was in a prison cell type of cage. In the cell with him was gruesome deformed large demon monsters that beat him and hated him. We was dragged all over hell to see the people begging for any kind of help they could get. He explains how everything was dark and smokey to a point where he couldn't even breath, but you couldn't die in hell so you had to deal with your surroundings. The smell was awful and there was no way out and he knew that he was stuck there forever. The book goes on and on about the scenery and the feelings in Hell. Eventually he is lifted out of there and faces God who explains to him that he needs to share this experience because time is running out. When he awakens it is 3:23AM and he is in the fetal position on the kitchen floor shaking, sweating and panting. His wife woke up and ran to him and he was in shock and didn't snap out of it for a while.
The second half of the book is more about him explaining the research he did after this awful night and the people he met with to help him cope with this. He interviews people that claim to have had the same experience and there is quite a bit of "proof" he claims to have found which he shares in the book. Even if you read this book and don't believe that this man went to Hell, it sure will keep your attention. However, if you DO believe what he has to say, I can guarantee you that you will start to question some of the actions you make in every day life as no one and I mean NO ONE will want to be stuck in that horrendous place for eternity. If you aren't much of a reader and you are interested in the story, my dad found a website that shows a 60 minute event the author held where he tells his story for free. I watched it and it is verbatim what the book is like, so if you are interested, here is the link:
When i put this book down last night at 10:30 PM I was so charged up still so I started my next book. "A Clockwork Orange" I cant wait to review that one! I never saw the movie but after about 20 pages last night, I am pretty sure this one is going to be a trip!
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