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Greek Religion by Walter Burkert
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May 10, 2011

it was amazing
Read from May 10, 2011 to January 16, 2012

Walter Burkert is an excellent writer and this book was well researched. Extensive notes in the back and references to other material on the topic. Burkert shows in many ways not only what the Greek religion was composed of but what influences they absorbed and reprocessed from the Ancient Near East. This study by the end shows how the ground work for Christianity was laid. I will never read the New Testament the same way again. Very few comparisons to Christianity were done, as this is a book on Greek Religion. However, if the reader is acquainted with the literature of the New Testament, the parallels that were absorbed and reprocessed out of the Greco-Roman era will be quite obvious. This book is a slow read with plenty of information on Greek literature, mythology, theology, and archeology and may not appeal to casual readers.
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05/10/2011 "Started this but realized I had to review the base literature once more before I could finish. So I had to read Greek tragedy, Homeric hymns, and Iliad and Odyssey again before reading this overview of Greek religion. This book as some excellent sources."
05/17/2011 page 120
23.0% "Started this text some time ago. The notes and sources in this text prompted me to read other Greek works then come back. Glad I did. It was an awesome journey!"
05/17/2011 page 120
23.0% "Paul was a Greco-Roman Jew for sure. No wonder they all were so upset with him! Walter Burkert in this text makes those connections in the chapters on sacrifice, votive offerings, and prayer..and from examples I have read myself out of Greek literature. Excellent so far."
05/23/2011 page 120
23.0% "Realized that parts of Judges maybe dated due to the type of worship methods mentioned in the texts."
06/04/2011 page 120
23.0% "clawing my way through this! Tons of notes to look at. So lots of flipping back and forth."
06/29/2011 "Why do I read books with so many notes?" 1 comment
12/24/2011 "I have to finish this! This is such a good book."
12/28/2011 page 56
11.0% "Road trip today should be able to get some reading done in the long 6 hours. Burkert has some excellent insights on the influnce the Minoans had on the Greeks."
12/29/2011 page 70
14.0% "Excellent overview of Greek blood, fire, and sanctuary rituals."
01/02/2012 page 100
20.0% "This gives me loads to think about! Excellent read!"
01/02/2012 page 120
23.0% "The Spell of Homer!"
01/06/2012 page 140
27.0% "Hera the reclaimed virgin."
01/10/2012 page 149
29.0% "Working overtime has taken a toll on my reading progress! More training tomorrow and the next two days. Hope I can get this completed this weekend."
01/12/2012 page 160
31.0% "Butkert has some excellent insights in this chapter on the Greek gods. He is also excellent when dicussing rituals connected to them. I need to get more of his books!"
01/15/2012 page 190
37.0% "The Christian concept of "holy spirit" was adaped from the Greek and Roman idea of Daimon. Excellent book Berkert."
01/15/2012 page 217
42.0% "Excellent chapters on Hero worship and god-men ascending. The sons of thunder and the healing cult of Asklepios. Christianity's Greco-Roman influnces all over here. Excellent book."
01/16/2012 page 276
54.0% "Excellent chapters on oaths, initiation, and crisis management."
01/16/2012 page 512
100.0% "Awesome! should be read by anyone intrested in Greek religion."
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