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Sex on the Moon by Ben Mezrich
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May 10, 2011

it was amazing
Read in August, 2011

** spoiler alert ** First, I should say that I adore Ben Mezrich's writing style. He takes what could be interesting stories and makes them jaw-dropping and impossible to stop reading. I've thoroughly enjoyed everything I've read by him, and I expected SotM to be the same.

Honestly, I had a hard time getting into this book. It took me a handful of chapters, and at one point, I wans't sure I could even continue. There is a LOT of backstory here about the main character, Thad. I'm sure this was done to round out the complete picture of him and paint him in a not-entirely-bad light since Thad himself provided much of the information, but I also sort of walked away wondering how much if it was true, again, since Thad himself was the source. This guy struck me as a master manipulator, and I don't entirely believe or trust him as a source.

That said, once I got into the action portions of the book, I literally had a hard time putting it down. I had to know how the story ended, and what happened to each of the people involved. The best sign of how much I really began to care about everyone here was that I had to know what the present-day state of each of them was. Did Thad ever reach Rebecca? Did she push him out of her life forever? I have no clue, as I can't find anything about the follow-up, and it's just eating away at me.

At the end, I wasn't sure who I felt worse for. Thad, who is clearly mentally impaired to some degree. His girlfriend, whose story I felt like we didn't really get to see. What *was* she thinking? Was she really manipulated by him, and was he the ultimate white knight by protecting her from prosecution, or did Thad just say that to make himself look like the good guy? And what of the girl that had the crush on him?

I had to wipe my eyes a few times because of the ache and tug and pull from this book. I found myself feeling bad for Thad, even though I also despised him.

Mezrich never fails to deliver a quality book that I can immerse myself in, and for that, I am endlessly appreciative. I wish he HAD perhaps gone a little more editorial in here and made it clear which things came directly from Thad (ie - were potentially skewed by his manipulations) and what was other source material.

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message 1: by Bookoisseur (new)

Bookoisseur I totally have been meaning to pick this book up.

MsKathy Bookoisseur wrote: "I totally have been meaning to pick this book up."

Library :) You should do it! I can't wait to hear what you think, if you do.

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