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❝Every decision, every interaction, every step, every time you get out of bed in the morning, you take a risk. To survive is to know you're taking that risk and to not get out of bed clutching illusions of safety.❞

Rating: ★★★½

I still have a love for Yelena. My love for her just grows because of how strong she is becoming and how much of a better heroine she is willing to make herself. I don't think I've ever loved a female protagonist so much. She keeps everything so balanced. The only thing I wanted was for her to make some changes in her plans. Instead of her making them, they were made by themselves.
After being a food taster and being trained to be one for the Commander of Ixia, Yelena has discovered she has magic abilities. Because of this magic she has found out about herself, she must return home and meet her family to see what they are able to do. But even though Yelena knows her position in being the foot taster for poisons, she misses it. She doesn't like being with her relatives that don't fully recognize her and even accept her, but rather she misses being home in Ixia with the man she discovered she has fallen for, her friends who were able to give her some basic training, and the background she grew accustomed to.

But even though Yelena doesn't care much about her relatives and people she grew up with accepting her for the person who reeks of blood and has killed and been training. All she knows is she's ready to start magic training. She's been given the choice as she did when she was about to be executed: Grow her power or be put to death. But when Yelena decides to make plans for her trip and see how she can grow stronger and become a better person, they decide to take a turn and she becomes the problem of the lost Ixia prince. Even though she has made enemies, Yelena doesn't give up in learning these new abilities she has been told about. Even if it means taking them down herself. But Yelena knows she's got help from her old friends.


All I really wanted were Valek and Yelena moments. What is their ship name?
- Velena?
- Yalek?
- Valena?

I just wanted those ship names to keep floating on the ocean. I wanted Valek to call her my love a lot more times then he really did, I wanted them to kick ass together, I wanted them to surpass anyone that got in their way, I wanted them to go home and have their moments together, hell, I wanted them to go to the room and have one of those moments together! Shit am I a pervert?? Well I'm sorry I blame Maria for introducing me to these two and loving them both together and by together I mean them being together. Since Valek confessed to Yelena in Poison Study and admitted she has poisoned him, I was so happy and I squealed because all I had been waiting for is for them to admit their love and kiss. I also wanted Janco and Ari to grow a better friendship with Yelena and for Irys to join the "squad."

Although Magic Study was so different than Poison Study, there were some things I did like about it and I guess had me hooked on them. But even when I was hoping many other things, I got a few of them. I'm not giving up on the series! Even if the books either fade with the rave or everything just gets better as the series continues, or well, continues for me, I will keep reading it. Yes, I live for Valek and Yelena. But I'm here for Maria's writing and for her beautiful Chronicles of Ixia series. I just want more Janco, Ari, and Velena moments. Please don't kill me I don't know what their ship name is.

The writing in this novel was better, I will admit. Of course, Maria's writing just continued to improve every year and every time she would be writing/typing. It makes me upset how I loved Poison Study so much and I was so excited to get my hands on Magic Study and see what adventure Yelena would have, but then I regret all the excitement. Yelena didn't have a fun adventure. Well, not like the one in Poison Study. In this novel, she was rather not fully accepted by her family and there were assumptions, concerns and feelings about her not being a Zaltana. But after she proved herself that she is the "lost child of Ixia" and Yelena Zaltana, she was able to prove herself worthy of her care and her magic and abilities as well. Yelena grew stronger, and I loved that about her! She was able to keep others out of her mind and control her power even when at the same time, she was still learning. Again, Maria did an amazing job on that! Maria is one of those authors where she keeps the characters balanced. They are learning something while keeping their abilities balanced without messing up and ruining everything. Yelena was still the strong heroine and she was only growing stronger!

Like I said before, I was upset how there weren't many moments of Valek, Janco and Ari. I literally fell in love with all 3 since the beginning. Valek is still that loyal guard of the Commander and Janco and Ari are still those 2 friends that are able to make fun of Yelena and embarrass her in a small and quick way.

Maybe things will change in Fire Study and developments will be made. I'm gonna continue with the series. I've been captivated by it since I first read the blurb. I always heard wonderful reviews about it and how it's all such a wonderful series that doesn't include plot ruiners, character annoyance, and/or love triangles. Hopefully all of that is true. Hopefully Yelena doesn't become weak and spoiled. Hopefully there are no characters that grow a hatred from me. And hopefully, I am just praying, that the love interest doesn't change and Yelena doesn't back up from Valek, only deciding to go with some other guy.

Or the other way around. Hopefully Valek doesn't turn into a lying asshole. Hopefully Janco and Ari don't end up annoying me and ruining their friendship with Yelena. And hopefully Valek doesn't decide to leave Yelena for "someone better."
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Great review, Maggie! I need to start on this, especially since the writing gets better, rather than the other way around.
P.S. Hope your ship works out!

message 2: by Cila (new)

Cila I need to pick up this book, I absolutely loved the first one, and I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with the relationship between Valek and Yelena!

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