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Blood Promise by Richelle Mead
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May 09, 2011

it was amazing
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From previous books, we all know by now that I think Richelle Mead is an amazing author, a Goddess of writing and toying with one's emotions, simply fantastic!!!!

What do I think of Rose, however, that is a question I had to find an answer to, not only what I thought of Rose, but Dimitri and Adrian... Characters that I simply cannot get enough of and characters that are having an impact on me everytime I see their name!!!

Rose, I love her! No other words for it, I adore her, admire her and I've cried mountains for her... She is wonderful, hot headed, irrational and a dam good friend to have. Rose went through emotions that toyed with my heart consistently throughout this book. I cried for her, I shouted for her, yelled at her, rolled my eyes at her but - I loved her, every step of the way I loved her.

Richelle Mead!!! You have taken a character that I burned for, yearned for, craved for and loved for Rose and made me want to hold that silver stake myself!!! I could, of course, use a few lessons first, but by God I would sweat a few pounds to get rid of Dimitri... That's how I feel (at the moment) and I'm not happy about it!!! Adrian, I liked him, I didn't.... I trusted him, I didn't... now? I am all for him!!! Go write that essay to say why you could be Rose's suitor Adrian and do a good job... I'm rooting for you lad!!!!

The book has twisted and turned throughout the pages, throughout the chapters and yet, still, it ended with a shock!!! Rose discovering a few secrets, that sprung tears to my eyes, and then having something handed to her that will twist her future! I am really hoping that my heart can hold out during the next book!!!

I LOVE this series!!!!
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Shannon so what team are you on??? haha.. I love both Adrian and Dimitri but Adrian once again stoled my heart

Cigdem Totally Adrian. He makes things so much more interesting.

Ronda I don't like Dimitri at all at the moment... but there again, I will be starting book 5 next..... I LOVE Adrian, took a while to realise that I could trust him though ha ha ... actually I'm still a little unsure lol

Shannon Cigdem wrote: "Totally Adrian. He makes things so much more interesting."

I love Adrian:) I agree with the interesting part.. he sort of reminds me of my hubby at times

Shannon Ronda wrote: "I don't like Dimitri at all at the moment... but there again, I will be starting book 5 next..... I LOVE Adrian, took a while to realise that I could trust him though ha ha ... actually I'm still a..."

by the end of the books you will love both of them. But I wont give anything away.. now you know why I love Richelle so much.. All of her books are so good

Cigdem He just sounds like he looks so hot. Honestly i dont why he is so heart broken over Rose. I dont know how much i like her.

Ronda I will be starting book 5 later today no doubt... I can't wait!!! I LOVE the way Richelle writes and I can totally see why you love her so much Shannon, she is a Goddess!!!!

Shannon Cigdem.. I know what you mean I did not get it either. I can not wait until golden lily comes out I am sure he is in that one too:)

Ronda.. Wait until you read her other stuff you will love it.. Just always remember Seth is mine I can give up anyone but you must leave him alone.. ALL MINE

Ronda ahhh yeah I remember Seth and our conversations, don't worry..... having said that, I remember not liking JZB and now??? well, let's say I caught on pretty quick ha ha... maybe I will keep Tohr in my mind so I don't steer toward Seth!!! hee hee

Cigdem Oh me too. I am looking forward to Golden Lily.

Shannon You better Ronda:) You can have Tohr.. As much as I do like him. I love my Seth and JZB:) but I can share JZB.. There is no way in hell I would with Seth.. damn now I want to read those books again:)

Ronda OMG Shannon... You are so territorial!!!! I actually feel threatened now!! (eyes wide) ha ha... Well I guess I have to admit that Tohr is one man I will never get enough of, therefore I won't have time for others... JZB maybe, now and again, but you can keep Seth lmao

Cigdem Have you guys read Bloodlines? Or Adrian story?

Shannon You dont know anything about seth yet!!!!! and yes when it comes to him I am.. I dont know why.. well yes I do long story of the whys and no reason to go there since well I am married to someone else.. haha

Ronda Cigdem, I haven't read Bloodlines yet, these are my first Richelle Mead's books and I have to say I love her style of writing!!!! Shannon.. I shall find out why this Seth is your secret man soon enough!!! :D

Shannon I might joke around about all the other But keep your paws off my I wil have to share they story with you sometime.. it is stupid and sort of dumb and you may think less of me..

Ronda How could I ever think less of you.... you're just quite simply love struck and I won't impose... I promise, besides, I'll be too busy with thoughts of Tohr soon lol

Shannon haha.. I know that book will not disappoint you:) actually I am really excited for the book too... honestly for the past 3 years her books are like xmas to me I look forward to the new release date

Ronda eeee I just can't wait... I wish I was reading them again for the first time... I get my breed book at the end of this month and I am excited for it bit Tohr is just something else :)

Shannon I like the book I am reading but I watched the show first and they are so diffent I actually liked the show better than the book which is sad

Ronda That is sad coz usually books are better... I'm just starting my next VA book and already I'm pissed off with Dimitri!!! lol

Ronda oh and Holly has literally just finished City of Bones!!! I had to laugh coz she kept saying ewwww that's sick lol

Shannon haha.. that is what I thought at first too.. I love it.. You will love Dimitri again trust me.. I do like him but I like Adrian more

Ronda Yeah well it's gonna take a lot for Dimitri to get back in my good books...Crikey I dislike him more than I did JZB and that was some lengthy dislike at the time ha ha

Shannon LOL... I know everyone has a love hate relationship with JZB but in the end he is total hotness

Ronda ha ha I can't disagree with you there!!!

Shannon I so can not wait until you read the rest of Richelles books.. I know you will love them

Ronda I am well impressed with these books so I have no doubt that I will enjoy the others too... I know Holly has just finished City of Bones (and she is not happy with the ending lmao) but I'd love her to read these, she would love them.... she just reads when she wants though which is not a lot!! (however, when she does, she reads a series in a week!!)

Shannon that is great.. she is young and i know so many kids that dont read much they have other activities they want to do.. I am so glad I read City of Bones. it seems I can not stop thinking about those books so that means Cassandra Clare is ranking up the list of my top 5 now I think

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