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Bro by Robert Newton Peck
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Bro is a very sad story with twinges of hope buried in the oppression of one orphan's life.

Tugwell's parents were killed in a train accident, his brother is in prison for transporting "likker" (moonshine), and he hasn't had any contact with his grandfather since Tug was 3 years old, when a horrible incident on his grandfather's farm tore the family apart and caused Tug to go mute. With his parents dead, Tug must move in with his grandfather and great aunt. Because of the incident, the old man doesn't keep horses on the ranch, which Tug is grateful for. Through the help of two sweet mules, Tug and his grandfather begin to heal the divide between them. Meanwhile, Tug pines for his older brother, Broda, who is the only person who really ever cared about Tug and understood him. When Broda finds out that Tug is back at the ranch, he realizes that his brother needs him and he won't be able to wait a year until his sentence is up. Broda makes the decision to break out of the prison camp where he has been for two years, suffering abuse from the warden and the other inmates. Broda is able to escape, but the warden is after him and he plans to bring Broda back, by any means necessary.

The prison and escape scenes reminded me so much of Cool Hand Luke.

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