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Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
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May 09, 2011

really liked it
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It is more than clear that Sarah Gruen made a very thorough research about the traveling circus tours in America in the early decades of the previous century...she collected many data (those of you that have access through e-book to her interview about writing this book should read it to get an idea) about even political situation of that time, it is as if she has really written it at that age and she herself had been a member of the circus. Gruen seems to know everything with so many details...about the performers, the working men, the audience reaction, the animals that are involved in every act, their food, their cages, the tents, for non English people (like myself) that will read the English version it may be hard at some point due to the special vocabulary used in many parts of the book so as to describe all those "circus terms" in the most ideal way. One more accomplishment of the writer is how she, being a woman, narrates everything as if she is a man...the main character of the book, Jacob... it is obvious that through him she exposes her love for the animals, for the fellow man, promoting also fundamental values of life, love, and since the book is split into 2 parts we have a perfect view of how elderly people feel like, as if they are mistreated most of the times, how proud they are for themselves, how the relation with their children, their families changes through time...
Overall it's a book that covers so many different subjects, it keeps the reader interested in trying to find out what will happen both in the past and in the present about the main character. My only objection that "cost" the perfect rating of five stars seems to be that in the end...the last chapters...everything seems to be happening really fast, as if the author tides up everything to finish the book, after all it took her years to write the whole of it and there were some really big interruptions in between... Fortunately she decided to go on and give the chance to us...the readers...to have it in our hands (or monitors for e-book lovers)
I am looking forward to watching the movie as well since it also has nice reviews, not such an ordinary phenomenon for a film that is based on a book, i hope that they haven't skipped many parts or changed the plot of the story and I am curious to see how will they combine the back and forth in time that took place in "Water for Elephants", a book that i recommend every one to have it... you will be reading it quite fast besides the 500 and a bit more pages... :)
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