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Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Feb 29, 2008

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if i hadn't read a christine feehan vampire novel before, ms. kenyon's seize the night would have earned a higher rate from me. as it is, i just found it falling short of my expectations.

don't get me wrong--the characters were brilliantly portrayed. val is sinfully sexy, no doubt about that. his upright principles can even be described as adorable when pitted against tabitha's. their clash from the beginning was certainly intriguing. and the sex...well... just figure how it would be between an american vampire slayer and a roman immortal who looks good enough to eat in an armani...

the secondary characters were fine, too. having incredible abilities, they certainly are interesting enough (ash is really too perfect actually to be anything but a god). i guess what im frustrated about this story is how the "scenes" were orchestrated--which is to say, clumsily.

certain parts of the story simply left me confused and even irritated. case in point--too many mortals involved in supernatural matters (the slayers, the relatives of the slayers, the squires, and, come to think of it, almost half of new orleans, it seems) and everything is still kept under wraps. fancy that. too many characters, i think, has also led to some flawed scene shifts and inadequate character development.

then there's the olympian matter--the whole thing about the gods and goddesses--i think it was given too much emphasis that the story sometimes appears to be simply a battle between dark hunters and the egotism of gods. and is it only me, but after reading descriptions of dark hunters--how they are supposedly powerful and all that stuff--when it comes to actual battles they appear quite slow and even weak. no offense.

redeeming facets of the novel were val's traumatic past (that was certainly heart-wrenching), and the not-so-happy-ending-for-all element. a lot of protagonists died, but it made the story look more "realistic", relatively speaking, and not one-sided.

i hope to read another dark hunter novel and find my impression of kenyon rise a notch. suffice to say, this isn't one of her best. it stays with you about a day or two, but after a week you can forget you ever read it.
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