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The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Bianco
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it was amazing

I'm sure I wrote a review about this book on this site at one time or another.......

The review may be lost ---my memories of this book never are!

I own it.......
Its a children's favorite!

*Thanks Duane --for re-visiting of memories from when you recently read it!
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Emma Love this..

Yodamom This was my youngest favorite book. She had two pet bunnies, one for 9 years, one for 5 thanks to this book. It is a cherished story that is treasured is so many hearts.

Elyse  Walters I love the stories and memories we each share around this book Yoda.
Katy 'played' the Veleteen Rabbit in her Kindergarten school play. She was 5 years old. It was actually a huge production ---
Her two front teeth had just fallen out --(a toothless bunny)....
All the kids -teachers -parents --were involved...
The Kindergarten play at the private school is a 'big' celebration --- The Director of the entire school -wrote the play for the kids in that class -- cast the parts --giving every child much to do.
The director gave a stuffed Veleteen bunny to each child at the end of the night. (all so sweet -cute -innocent) --with moral good messages.

Yodamom That is a wonderful memory. We are lucky to have had those moments in our lives to pass on and revisit with friends and family.
If I ever get grandchildren, this book and a rabbit will be in the top 5 memorable items I gift them

Elyse  Walters I'm right with you, Yodamom!! :)

Elyse  Walters Emma...Yep...priceless..:). Happy Sunday morning.

Sara One of those books that forms tie between generations. I love it as well and have many sweet memories of reading it with the children in my life.

Elyse  Walters I love your post Sara.. It says it all!!!!
"One of those books that forms tie between generations"
Love it sweet memories !!!!!!!

I'm in the car with Paul....we are driving to a special we are driving to a special trail I love ...
It's gorgeous outside here.
I was a mermaid yesterday....6 hours total in the water. lol
Happy Sunday and a lovely day to you Sara!!!

message 9: by Laura (new)

Laura Interesting, I liked this book more as an adult then as a child.

Some kids books speak to us more when we are grown. :)

Fabian {Councillor} True, this book is marvelous! I read it as a child, but only now did I realize how good it really is when I recently reread it. :)

Ellie One of my favorites of all time! I've read it many times, and not just as a child. And of course I read it to my children.

I still get all choked up when I read it.

Elyse  Walters Laura, Councillor, Ellie....,
I'm smiling ear to ear...
Love reading all three of your posts....
One of my favorite of all time too ...and my older daughter. Our book & stuffed velveteen rabbit are packed away -signed by me and my husband - getting a little threadbare ... I had been hoping to give to my grandchildren ... But so far it doesn't look like we're going to have any ... We gave most of her other children's books away ..... But I never could let go of this one

We share this love together !!!!!

Cheri I read this first when I was in HS, I found a copy of it lying on the floor in the hall, walking between classes. It was missing a page or two at the very front of the book, and it began with my still favorite page. I, of course, bought a new copy for my children when they were born, but just thinking of this book (and all their other favorite ones) makes me smile (and, yes, tear up a bit). Such great books to pass down through the ages!

Elyse  Walters Cheri.... a classic find.... you even found the 'book' threadbare.......(the first time you read it) ---
Yep..........one of the best books 'ever'! a favorite children's book for sure!!

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