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Kristy's Book by Ann M. Martin
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May 07, 2011

it was ok
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wow. what a snore. i don't remember disliking the portrait series so much the last time i read it. i thought it was cool to get more background on the childhoods of these characters that i was reading so much about. but this time through...maybe it's different because i am writing up all the books in this forum. it makes them a little more loathesome.

anyway, kristy's childhood is pretty uninteresting. she is jealous that sam & charlie are granted age-appropriate privileges that she is too young to enjoy, such as crossing the street by herself, calling a friend without first getting permission, etc. she deals with this by sneaking off to a softball game they are playing & telling their chaperone that mrs. thomas had granted permission for kristy to join her brothers & their friends at the movies. of course. mrs. thomas has said no such thing, & she wheedles the truth out of mary anne & then storms into the movie theatre to publicly embarrass all three of the eldest thomas children. kristy gets in big trouble, but i think there's also something about how mrs. thomas starts giving her more responsibility too.

kristy writes about the chaotic days shortly after patrick abandoned the family. mrs. thomas got a job in stamford & enrolled david michael in daycare. the older three kids would be responsible for themselves after school. there were some basic rules, but mrs. thomas was basically just riding by the seat of her pants & had failed to consider a whole lot of different eventualities. the shit hit the fan at the end of the first week, when louise got sprayed by a skunk, & sam, charlie, kristy, mary anne, & claudia all managed to lock themselves in the bathroom while trying to give hima tomato juice bath. mrs. thomas came home to unauthorized guestsa, a trashed house, & a skunk dog. after that, she came up with the chores for each of the kids, & rules about friends & homework & stuff. she also came up with a game plan for dinner, so they wouldn't just be eating take-out every night. somehow all of this instilled a love of responsibility in the thomas children.

& kristy writes about the time patrick came back to town. he was basically living in a motel & sneaking around to see kristy, telling her that he wasn't ready to see her brothers or anyone else yet. he kept talking about wanting to move back to stoneybrook & get to know his kids again. kristy felt weird about the whole thing, but she also felt like patrick was a fun guy to hang out with. he ends up giving her a baseball glove & she's totally pumped...until she notices that it's a right-handed glove. kristy is left-handed. she goes to the sporting goods store to exchange it, but can't, because it has been engraved. it was a free giveaway at a dinner for california sportswriters. patrick lied when he told kristy he bought is especially for her. then he disappears without saying goodbye. kristy finally fesses up about where she's been going to elizabeth & watson, who are not mad. they understand kristy's impulse to try to have a relationship with her father.

kristy gets a B+. i don't know why this warranted a B+ & mary anne's got an A+. they seemed pretty even in quality to me. i guess mary anne's was slightly more exciting, with the whole dead-mom-dad-gave-me-away thing, but i don't think a teacher should mark kids down for being boring.

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