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The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
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it was amazing

The last book I read (which was very good) took me 16 weeks to get through.

This one arrived yesterday morning. My wife got her hands on it first and finished it by the evening. I took over and have finished it 8pm on the next day (today). It's not a short book, 460 pages of reasonably small font. It *is* a very compelling book. The opening is the strongest I've read in an age.

It's the first book I've bought in a long time. Publishers and authors send me free books in the hope I'll read them and say something nice, so I've a stack of books waiting that I didn't pay for. However, I only manage 10 or 12 books a year and once in a while it's nice to pick something myself.

A friend, whose tastes I trust, has recommended this book forcefully and frequently for a couple of years ... so I caved and got it.

It's the sort of story that's best come to cold. If someone spoils if for you it ... spoils it. It's not that the whole thing rests on some massive twist (I see dead people), just that it's so much nicer to experience it the way the author wanted you to, a slow reveal widening from claustrophobia to agoraphobia.

It's a book set in modern times, written in the present tense, and moving quite frequently from the main character's point of view to those of several others around her. The prose is of very high quality, powerful, direct descriptions that put you there, understated emotional scenes that drag you in, and violent action scenes that get the pulse racing. It's also clever and well structured enough to suspend what disbelief needs suspending.

I'm not going to say more than that other than, believe the hype, read it.

I've now seen the film too. Very good, I thought.

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message 1: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon Adams This has been sitting on my "to read" shelf for months. Guess I need to get on it, right after Wheel of Osheim.

Emma I loved this too.

Contrarius I'm listening to this right now. So good!

message 4: by George (new) - added it

George Ternent Next up on my "to read" list.

Stephen Richter This is a brilliant book. And right now it is only $2.99 ! Buy it, and be happy.

Mark Lawrence In deleting a spoiler comment I accidentally deleted an innocent one too. Apologies.

Jane I loved it! Though the most important plot element was unfortunately already spoiled when I started in on it. GRR

Yami if you want Zombies and emotions tryr Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.

message 9: by Nicole (new) - added it

Nicole (Read Eat Sleep Repeat) This review is perfection, and this book has just moved up several notches on my to read list!

Andrea Great review,and a great read.

Andrea Great book,film was a disappointing but loved the book,great review.

Gritnay Absolutely agree! Excellent book, a very good follow up in 'The Boy on the Bridge' also, if anyone is keen on seeing an extension of the world this is set in..

Andrea Salayová I have it sitting on my shelf for several months, but after reading this review I think I might have to pick it up asap! Thanks!

message 14: by Mark (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark Lawrence Andrea wrote: "I have it sitting on my shelf for several months, but after reading this review I think I might have to pick it up asap! Thanks!"

The system works!

Helen This is a great book; I devoured it one day last June.

message 16: by C.S. (new)

C.S. Wilde I love, love, love this book so much it hurts.

Elaine I loved this book as well amd i am not a fan of this genre at all. I agree. Any spoiker of any type can wreck the mystery for future readers.

Stephen Richter The Boy on the Bridge is also great. It is a prequel and the sequel all in one.

Sabah One of my favourite books. Took zombies to a whole new level. I loved the ending and I held my breath during most of the book with the characters as they snitch around. Was an extremely quick read for me.

message 20: by Tim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tim Is this the same Carey that wrote 'Lucifer', the spin-off from Gaiman's Sandman, and 'The Unwritten'? Both of those were pretty good - I actually preferred Lucifer to the Sandman.

Stephen Richter I thought the film was good. I was surprised that the film had a short theatre run and thought maybe it was the leads fault, but everyone nailed it in my opinion. In the US it is Listed in Prime Video and worth a view. Also yes he is the graphic novelist Mike Carey.

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