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The Sheik by E.M. Hull
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May 07, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: chicklit, interwar, oldschool, ootorobooks

Oh god this is HORRENDOUS. I skimmed this very quickly and deleted it from my Kindle the minute I was finished.

To describe this sufficiently I'd have to type the word HORRENDOUS over and over again. HORRIFIC also suitable. One star for the first chapter of Diana, whom I liked as a character. I would like to read a story about her that wasn't all HORROR.

Synopsis: mind-bogglingly racist chronicle of beautiful high-spirited woman who dresses and lives as a man, travels into the desert and is raped into submission and self-abnegating love by a sheik. I read this because of the extremely interesting and worthwhile reviews of the book by dorothean and sanguinity on DW:


I particularly recommend dorothean's post even if you haven't read the book and have no plans to. (DON'T READ THE BOOK.)

ETA: Editing to add, having read the other reviews on GR, that I didn't actually find any moments of guilty pleasure in it. I thought the writing was surprisingly decent but only liked the parts where Diana is thinking -- the parts at the beginning where she's revelling in the joy of being in the desert, for example, are quite vivid -- and once the abduction, rape and mental torture begin it's just like, OH GOD GET IT AWAY.

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